Elegant character and high quality workmanship are what Grovan men's watches are all about. The Swiss manufactory will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary. For nearly a decade, the company has managed to set new standards in watch production - starting with the use of the best materials on the market, ending with the hand assembly of each device.

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Grovana Men's Watches


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Grovana places an emphasis on workmanship, but that doesn't mean the brand forgoes interesting design. The range of Grovana men's watches features beautiful dial embellishments complemented by distinctive colors.

Grovan's unrivaled decorations - men's watches

The elegant character of men's models is complemented by unique solutions in ornamentation. Manufacturers are keen on complementing small elements with small accents, while maintaining a balance between the classic cut and the original overtones of each model. An example of this can be seen in the models of the Grovan Day Retrograde line, where vintage styling is combined with sporty flair, which can be found by looking at the indexes. The Classic series with compass-like dials also stands out as an interesting addition to the dials. Those looking for original and, at the same time, well-equipped dials should definitely check out the Grovan Traditional Moonphase, which is equipped with a date, seconds hand and a charming moon phase indicator.

The ideal sports companion - Grovana men's watch

The models released are well-equipped men's watches that are not intimidated by water or harsh weather conditions. The Swiss manufactory selects only the best materials and combines each component with precision, so that the device can serve for years. In the Grovan Chronograph series, the water resistance is rated at a class of 10 ATM, which allows you to use the stopwatch facilities during water sports activities. The use of sapphire glass provides protection against damage to the numerals, and the stainless steel used to cast the envelopes perfectly protects the Swiss mechanisms hidden inside. See what else the brand has prepared for you and find out why men have come to love Grovan watches.