Some watch brands want to provide customers with unique looking watches that accentuate style or change it completely. Other brands aim at precision. Still others rely on the prestige associated with the brand name, its design and workmanship. Can all these qualities be combined in one? Frederique Constant proves it!

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Frederique Constant Watches


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If you are looking for watches that will perfectly express your rich personality and highlight your individuality, the Frederique Constant brand is for you! Check out its collections and choose the best models!

Frederique Constant - the history of one of the largest watch manufacturers

Frederique Constant is a brand established relatively recently, namely in 1988. It was founded by a marriage of entrepreneurs: Peter Constant Stas and Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax. The company has released plenty of luxury and advanced watches, known for a prestigious style. Each watch is made with great precision due to the extraordinary commitment put into creating Frederique Constant timepieces.The aim of the brand was to show what the true quality and beauty of the watches look like. Frederique Constant models were designed to show a timeless design, a true classic of elegance and complex details.

Which Frederique Constant watches to choose?

One of the most interesting collections is Frederique Constant Slimline. The line is designed for both men and women. It stands out, as the name suggests, with extremely thin cases. The watches are usually equipped with quartz movements, however, the models with slightly thicker cases and automatic movements can also be found in the brand’s offer. Frederique Constant Slimline watches are also distinguished by their characteristic, traditional look and reference to classic watch designs.

For fans of slightly different watches, Frederique Constant has prepared the Flyback Chronograph line. This collection includes men’s watches inspired by the Flyback Chronograph models from 1930. Although the watches draw inspiration from that time, the manufacturer has equipped them with advanced and modern movements, including the FC-760 automatic movement with 32 jewels.

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Frederique Constant watches available in our store come from licensed distributors that were authorised by the manufacturer. That is why their authenticity and high quality are guaranteed.