A feature of some watch brands is to provide the customer with a unique-looking timepiece that will match their style or completely transform it. Other brands focus on precision performance. Still others care about surprising the user with prestige, associated with the brand name and the design and workmanship it presents. Is it possible to combine all these qualities? The Frederique Constant brand does it!

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Frederique Constant Watches


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If you are looking for watches that will perfectly match your rich personality and highlight your individuality, the Fredrique Constant watch brand is for you! Check now what they can give you and choose the best models among them!

Frederique Constant - the history of one of the largest watch manufacturers

Frederique Constant is a brand founded relatively recently, in 1988. It was created by a married couple of entrepreneurs: Peter Constant Stas and Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax, who gave the name by combining the names of their great-grandparents. The goal was simple - to showcase the true quality and beauty of watchmaking, also providing a prestigious style, built through the publicity the brand creates by releasing luxury and advanced watches. Frederique Constant watch models are designed to present watches that stand out for their timeless design, a true classic of elegance that is not afraid of intricate details. It is also a source of great precision due to the extraordinary commitment that goes into the creation of each watch.

Which Frederique Constant watches to choose?

One of the most interesting collections is the Frederique Constant Slimline line, available in both men's and women's versions. It is distinguished, as the name suggests, by extremely thin envelopes containing quartz and (slightly thicker) automatic mechanisms. These watches are also distinguished by their distinctive traditional look and reference to classic watch designs.

For lovers of slightly different watches, the Frederique Constant brand has prepared models from the Flyback Chronograph series. These are men's watches inspired by the Flyback Chronograph models from 1930, but given that a lot has changed in the watchmaking industry, the manufacturer decided to include modern, advanced mechanisms in this watch. Among them is the FC-760 automatic movement with 32 jewels.

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