Zinvo is a new, fast-growing watch brand whose passion for sports supercars is evident at first glance.

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Zinvo Watches


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The goal of the brand is to provide customers with high-quality watches at the best price and excellent customer service. Zinvo lives the American dream and creates unique timepieces for its clients.

Zinvo watches - admiration for cars

Zinvo is an innovative company that has revolutionised the watch market by introducing a new trend in as many as 130 countries around the world. What distinguishes these watches from others available on the market? Amazing design, modernity and use of the best materials. Not only do Zinvo watches look interesting, but they’re also of top quality.

The brand’s offer isn’t only for men. Women can also find accessories for themselves. All Zinvo watches feature an interesting style and high quality of workmanship.

Zinvo watch collections

The Blade collection offers timepieces for both men and women. Men’s models from the Blade collection feature a modern and daring design which resembles oriental blades or turbines. Women’s models are much smaller and brighter than men’s watches. They have a delicate print which looks like a flower spreading its petals. The Chrono collection is only made for men. The watches from this line resemble a car’s dashboard thanks to the unique configuration of chronograph subdials.

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Zinvo watches available in our store come from licensed distributors that were authorised by the manufacturer. Buy Zinvo timepieces in-store or on our online shopping website Watchard.com. Fast shipping is guaranteed!

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