Mark Maddox is the essence of Spanish temperament. The offer of watches of this brand is primarily a unique style for brave individuals. Mark Maddox products are modern designs that emphasize the individuality of every fan of smart casual style. The dynamic development of the brand guarantees many new offers for everyone.

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Mark Maddox Watches

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Mark Maddox watches are the essence of modern watch design. Brave, dynamic style, combined with high precision of design of each model distinguishes the brand from all others. What's more, their freedom also ensures that they match any outfit and occasion.

The history of the watch brand

The beginnings of the brand date back to 2012. From the very beginning of its existence, the company follows the European trends in designing stylish fashion watches. It is the European spirit that is one of the most prominent design features of the Mark Maddox timepieces. These watches have gained wide popularity in their home country of Spain. Many well-respected fashion magazines, including Esquire, Glamour and Vogue were even writing about them. Now these watches are storming the markets.

The unique feminine design in women's watches

Female models of Mark Maddox watches are characterized by their non-conventional elegance. Colours that will work in all circumstances and in all kinds of outfits are the hallmark of these unique timepieces. Rose gold elements play a crucial role in the design of the Mark Maddox women's models. The watches don’t lack finesse thanks to such elements as the five-pointed star indexes replacing the twelve o'clock mark.

Original style for a fashionable man

Mark Maddox watches for men are characterised by a simple, minimalist design, based on distinctive, most often contrasting colours. A discreet, rose-gold tone adds elegance to many models. Mark Maddox offers the gentlemen a wide range of propositions, both for everyday use and for special occasions.

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