TRIWA is a young brand that is taking the world by storm, winning customers' hearts and gaining recognition of watchmakers. Founded in 2007, TRIWA stands for ''Transforming the Industry of Watches''. One glance at the brand's watches is enough to understand why this innovative Swedish brand has changed the way we think about watches.

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Triwa Watches

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Triwa watches are a perfect combination of high-quality and reasonable prices. The manufacturer meets the needs of its customers in every respect. The brand creates timeless, affordable timepieces equipped with numerous features. Take a look at the wide range of Triwa watches we offer.

Triwa - a new look at design

Designed in Stockholm, TRIWA watches are literally small works of art. The models bring a completely new look to trends and are characterised by unique straps, bracelets and dials. Since the brand offers many different styles and colours, its watches are sure to meet the expectations of any customer. Both those who like classic accessories in white, silver or black and those who love eye-catching, colourful designs will find something for themselves. The pieces that attach the case either to the bracelet or strap demonstrate a new quality of design, which can make other longer-established companies feel jealous.

Timeless functionality of Triwa watches

What is trending this season? The Swedish brand TRIWA doesn’t follow fashion trends but instead sets its own direction. It is thanks to such a perfect combination of appealing design and reliability that the watches enjoy popularity and trust among customers. Top-quality workmanship and the use of the finest materials such as stainless steel and leather ensure that each watch not only looks great, but is also pleasant to wear.

The style of the Triwa brand - casual elegance

TRIWA watches are a great mix of casual and smart casual styles. That’s why they are suitable for any occasion and can be worn with an elegant jacket as well as everyday clothes.

All TRIWA watches come with a manufacturer's warranty, which means they are 100% authentic. At Watchard we sell only genuine watches in original boxes.

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The Triwa brand is highly trusted by customers for professionalism and authorised distribution. Check out our website or step into our boutique and choose the best Triwa watch for you!