Ted Baker is a brand that has dominated the British market and gained a wide range of customers. The brand’s offer includes not only clothes but also unique fashion watches, which surprise with their solid workmanship, practical equipment and innovative design. From the very beginning of its existence on the market, Ted Baker has been focusing on quality, attention to detail and unique design.

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Ted Baker Watches


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    Ted Baker Inezz Women's Watch Ted Baker Inezz Women's Watch
    €185.00 €130.00

    Ted Baker Inezz BKPIZF903

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    Ted Baker Inezz Women's Watch Ted Baker Inezz Women's Watch
    €192.00 €134.00

    Ted Baker Inezz BKPIZF901

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The brand’s watches have recently become incredibly popular. Now, they are at the top of the most popular brands in the UK. It is said that in the future they may conquer the whole world.

Where do Ted Baker watches come from?

Ted Baker is a British luxury retail company that produces clothes and accessories, including watches. At the beginning, however, the brand wasn’t involved in watch production at all. Since 1987 the brand has been introducing new collections of clothes whose style was oriented towards a simple and clear focus on quality, attention to detail, sense of humour and the slogan ‘No Ordinary Designer Label’, which highlights the brand’s innovative approach to the style of designed clothes.

Why should you choose a Ted Baker watch?

Ted Baker watches perfectly reflect the brand’s philosophy. Sports models designed for men are equipped with chronographs supporting training and time measurement, while classic models are distinguished by subdued colours and the use of an elegant format of indices. Meanwhile, women’s watches are maintained in a classic style. They feature the fashionable colour combinations and pearl dials as well as gold mesh bracelets. Models that use different ways of combining the bracelets with cases are particularly unique.

If you are looking for British innovation and style that will change your look, Ted Baker watches are for you! Order today and enjoy their beauty!

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