In 1929, a young sports car manufacturer founded the famous Ferrari brand. The Scuderia Ferrari watches are the quintessence of sports and automotive style straight from Italy. The original Ferrari watch is equipped with a precise and reliable quartz movement, while its design cleverly follows the style of race cars.

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Scuderia Ferrari Watches


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The sporty character of Scuderia Ferrari watches

Scuderia Ferrari watches are stylish accessories with a sporty character, designed for those who value reliability, Italian sports design and top quality workmanship. The designers of Scuderia Ferrari watches have drawn inspiration from the brand’s main principles, based on sharing the passion for motoring and achieving new goals.

Scuderia Ferrari - the highest attention to design

The Scuderia Ferrari watches catch the eye with their unique colour design. Black is a dominant colour but is usually combined with red, yellow and blue. For years, the red shade has been the hallmark of the brand’s race cars and city sports cars. The dynamic shapes, which refer to speed and modern design, as well as the high quality of the materials are also the distinctive features of Scuderia Ferrari timepieces. That is why it can be said that the watches, just like winning race cars, are characterised by reliability and durability.

Features of Scuderia Ferrari watches

All watches of this Italian brand are equipped with reliable and extremely precise quartz movements. Our offer includes, among others, the RedRev collection, which is characterised by extremely vivid colours, like red and yellow, as well as the Gran Premio and FXX collections, i.e. lines that combine subdued, elegant colours with a sporty character.

Scuderia Ferrari is an excellent proposal not only for lovers of Formula 1, the Ferrari brand and Italian design, but also for all those who wish to have a unique watch made with passion.

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