How to polish a watch crystal, case and bracelet?

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How to polish a watch crystal, case and bracelet?

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is a fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.

26 Mar 2022

Would you like your newly purchased watch to still be in good condition after several months or years? Or perhaps you're wondering what you can do to restore the shine and lustre to an old watch that has faithfully served you for a long time? The secret lies in regular cleaning and care of each part of your watch. Learn how to do it properly without damaging any of the steel or glass elements.


Watch polishing - a quick way to clean your watch

Any watch, even if we are careful not to scratch it, get it dirty or splashed, will eventually become discoloured or scratched after prolonged use. What can we do in this case? Well, first of all, don't panic that your watch no longer looks like a new one. This can be fixed. Secondly, don't worry about the cost, because you can deal with the problem yourself. Thirdly, remember that good preparation and knowledge is a guarantee of success.


Zegarek męski Seiko polerowanie zegarków


What is watch polishing?

You are probably wondering what exactly watch polishing means. This is a treatment that any of us can do to remove scratches, dirt, scuffs and damages from the watch case, bracelet and crystal. To keep your timepiece looking shiny and new, you should polish it regularly.


What to look out for when polishing a watch?

Polishing is a process to which bracelets made of stainless steel or titanium as well as hesalite, mineral and sapphire crystal are subjected. It is worth noting, however, that not all materials that are used in the watch manufacture can be polished. This includes bracelets and cases coated with gold plating or treated with a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) or PVD coating, as well as items made of synthetic materials. Polishing such elements could cause these surfaces to wear down and thus deteriorate the overall look of the watch. If they are damaged, the costs of repair can be very high. So, if you want to save money and avoid stress, polish only the right elements.


Zegarek męski Atlantic polerowanie zegarka


Also, don't polish watches whose scratches and damages on the case and bracelet are deep and big. If you do it by yourself, you may damage the structure of the metal, which may result in a change of proportions of the given elements, disturbance of symmetry and thus deterioration of its appearance and poor fitting to your wrist. In these cases, it is certainly worth contacting a professional watchmaker or an authorised service centre.


How to polish a watch case and bracelet?

As stated in the previous paragraph, in case of large scratches on the watch case and bracelet you should have your watch fixed by an experienced watchmaker. However, If the scratches are small and you want to remove minor dirt and tarnish, the Cape Cod CLOTHS01 polishing cloths will come in handy. The bag includes two soft and pre-moistened cloths measuring 4" x 6". They will work well for cleaning and polishing any type of metal. You can use them to polish silver, gold, stainless steel, pewter, brass, copper, etc. without fear of damage. A pleasant vanilla fragrance will guarantee the pleasure of caring for your watch.


Przechowywanie zegarków pudełko na zegarki


If, on the other hand, you are buying a new watch and want it to stay with you for many years, take care of it right from the start. In addition to polishing cloths, it’s good to buy a soft case. Don’t dump your watch just anyhow! Try not to put the watch with a face down or lean it against the crown. Also, don’t put it loose in a jewellery box. Remember not to expose your watch to unfavourable weather conditions and wear it exactly as recommended. For instance, if your watch is water resistant to 3 ATM, don't expose it to rain, don’t soak it in water etc.


How to polish a watch crystal?

It’s a different matter when it comes to polishing a watch crystal. The specific way to do it depends on its type. In other words, it’s crucial to determine whether the crystal is hesalite, mineral or sapphire. Hesalite crystals are quite easy to clean as they are made from purified and hardened polypropylene. Their properties are similar to plastic. For this reason, they are easier to scratch, but at the same time much easier to polish. All you need is polishing paste and very fine sandpaper (roughness 3000). First, polish the crystal with some paste. Then, wipe it with a damp cloth and use the sandpaper. Use the paste again to make it completely smooth. And voilà! You’ve polished the crystal all by yourself!


Polishing watch crystals


Now, let’s have a look at mineral crystals. They have a hardness of 4-5 points on the Mohs scale, which means their resistance to scratches and cracks is relatively good. If they are damaged, you should return your watch to a qualified watchmaker, who will remove any damage with a special device.


The last basic type is a sapphire crystal. It’s mainly used in luxurious watches. Its hardness corresponds to around 7-9 points on the Mohs scale. For this reason, it’s very difficult to scratch, but sadly quite fragile and easy to break. If you notice minor scratches on the sapphire crystal don’t try to remove them on your own. Take your watch to a professional watchmaker, who will polish the crystal with special diamond polishing paste.


Polerowanie szkła zegarka


To polish or not to polish a watch?

The watch bracelet, case and crystal are the elements that give the watch its attractive appearance and affect its functionality. Keeping these elements in pristine condition certainly improves the use of any watch. Remember that a well cared-for watch adds prestige and elegance to its wearer. So, if you want to keep your watch in tip-top condition, remember to polish it regularly!

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is a fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.