The Swiss watchmaking has always impressed even the most demanding enthusiasts of this art. The Movado brand is an example of excellent workmanship of movements as well as beautiful design. The watches of this brand are primarily a real find for watch enthusiasts. They are timeless, elegant and chic. The popularity of the Movado models is confirmed by their unchanging quality that has lasted for over 100 years.

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Movado Watches


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    Movado Esperanza Women's Watch Movado Esperanza Women's Watch
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    Movado Rondiro Women's Watch Movado Rondiro Women's Watch
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Watch brands that trace their origins to Switzerland are constantly being admired for their innovative designs and the manufacture of more and more aesthetic watch models. The Movado brand is characterized by unquestionable love for jewellery and minimalism, a modern design in a classic tone and the unchanging high quality of its products.

The beginnings of the popularity of Movado watches

Movado watches were launched in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Initially, it was a small manufacture, which later evolved into a huge company, belonging to the Movado Group that included several large watch brands. The brand was founded by Léopold Achille Isidore Ditesheim as LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA, and in 1905 it was renamed Movado, which means "always in motion" in Esperanto. The name could not have been more accurate as Movado watches are among the most advanced watches in terms of time display precision. After the quartz revolution, the Swiss brands were on the verge of bankruptcy or were absorbed by larger manufactures that offered quartz models in their collection. Meanwhile, Movado became a separate company and Movado watches were the flagship product of a larger consortium based on this Swiss brand. They were created by Gedalio Grinberg, a Cuban watchmaker who escaped to the USA in the 1960s from Fidel Castro's communist regime. He decided that although the company will have its headquarter in the USA, the watches will be manufactured in Switzerland.

What makes Movado watches stand out?

All models of Movado watches combine a minimalist design with jewellery gloss and a unique composition of a dark dial and a silver or gold case in a subtle way. Steel and contrasting colours have become the hallmark of Movado watches. These watches are characterized by the contrast of colours, a combination of modernity with tradition and high quality with low price. Don’t wait and order one of the Movado watches now. Check out their high quality and exclusive look.

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