Ingersoll is a brand that originated in the United States of America in 1982. Thanks to the unique decoration of the dials and the selection of solid materials, the brand has been attracting new customers for 120 years now. In addition to its extensive production experience, the brand stands out for its unusual designs which represent the style and culture of the USA. Ingersoll is a company that is continuously developing.

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Ingersoll Watches

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Ingersoll watches have been on the watch market for 120 years. The brand was founded by brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll, who started production in 1892 in the United States. Thanks to Henry Ford’s revolution and the introduction of the assembly line, Ingersoll watches were manufactured very quickly. Thanks to that, the prices were low and almost every American could afford them.

Ingersoll’s breakthrough

Ingersoll watches have been worn by many celebrities, including US President Theodore Roosevelt, the famous American actor James Dean, the writer Mark Twain and the ‘inventor of electricity and light bulbs’ Thomas Edison. In 1933, Ingersoll was the first to collaborate with Walt Disney to create a custom-made Mickey Mouse watch. This model is nowadays desired by enthusiasts of ‘historical’ timepieces that have made their mark on the history of American watchmaking. Ingersoll was also the first in history to create a watch with a luminous dial called the Radiolite.

Modern design of Ingersoll watches

Today, the latest models are designed by renowned European designers from Germany. They are safe and reliable thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and movements.

Unique Ingersoll models

Watches are primarily valued for their beauty and uniqueness. Owners of Ingersoll watches are considered to have an extraordinary personality and exceptional taste.

In 2012 the company celebrated its 120th anniversary. Therefore, a collection of special edition watches with the inscription “120th Anniversary” on the dial was then released. The collection has attracted thousands of people due to the beautiful history of this American brand. The owners of these models can feel proud of wearing such exceptional timepieces.

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