Doodle is a brand that delights with its design. It creates designs that are sure to catch the eye. Check out which of the watches from the brand's extensive range will highlight your unique style right now!

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Doodle Watches

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Doodle is a brand that has been pleasing us with its designs for a short time, but it is definitely worth getting to know! This is a brand that creates watches from the best materials that delight with their design. Which one do you like?

Doodle watches - a brand that will delight you

Doodle shows youth and energy of life in each of its models. Doodle watches can be fun, inspiring and make you look good. With them, you'll highlight your unique style, whether it's pin-up or rock style. It's no wonder that the brand uses the tattoo motif in its collection, as the watches they create are meant to be a manifestation of your lifelong style.

Doodle - a watch like a tattoo

The designers of the Doodle brand took one direction when creating their models - it is to be one concept in five different collections. This is how the Tattoo, Oriental, American, Nature and Santa Muerte series were created. Each of them is unique and has very different colors and designs.The Tattoo series is a tribute to the rich tradition of decorating the body with tattoos. The models in this series look like a sleeve of tattooing done at the best artist. Here we can find patterns that are also found on the bodies of many people. It is an interesting variety to any styling.

An extension of the Tattoo series is the Santa Muerte collection. Models in this series are decorated with beautiful patterns of skulls, which we know above all from the rich tradition of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Calavera (Sugar skull), as the pattern is called, originated from handmade ornaments for the graves of loved ones, but nowadays they are primarily associated with tattoo patterns. They are colorful and will add energy to any style.

Doodle watches - do you prefer retro style or orient?

With the popularization of America, there has been a popularization of this culture. Doodle in America series shows how ingrained it is in our minds. The watches in this collection are primarily an attempt to show pin-up style. The trend from the 1940s and 1950s is still present and popular today. Among the models in this series there is no shortage of feminine and nautical designs, for which this style is known.

A collection that will also highlight feminine style and the world around us is the Nature series. These watches are mainly designs related to flora and fauna, which are shown on a bright background. They will work very well as a complement to a delicate style, as they are not as conspicuous as the brand's other series.

Are you a fan of Eastern culture? The Oriental series is tailored just for you! Models from this collection are a true quintessence of Indian, Chinese and Japanese culture. It features designs of Indian gods, floral and animal patterns, as well as world-famous dragons. Emphasize your colorful and unique style with Doodle brand watches.

Doodle watches - stand out in the crowd

Doodle offers models that can be divided into women's, men's and unisex. They differ only in the size of the envelope, using the same materials and unique designs. Thus, each of us can choose the one we like better, regardless of gender, tastes or age.

Currently, classic watches are triumphant. They make everyone look very similar. If, when buying a watch, the most important thing for you is to add variety and color to your everyday styling, then Doodle watches are just for you! Stand out in the crowd with the watches of this brand.

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