Doodle is a brand whose watches impress with their eye-catching appearance. Check out which of the brand’s models will highlight your unique style!

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Doodle Watches


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Doodle is definitely worth getting to know! This young brand makes watches from the best materials, which attract with their appearance. Which model do you like most?

Doodle watches - models that will impress you

Doodle shows the youth and life energy in each of its models. Doodle watches can be fun and inspiring. They will surely make you look good and help you to highlight your unique style, whether it’s pin-up or rock. Since Doodle watches are meant to manifest your style and accompany you the whole life, the brand uses tattoo designs in its collections.

Doodle - a watch like a tattoo

Doodle designers have created five different collections but each of them is maintained in the same form. Each of the collections, whether Tattoo, Oriental, American, Nature or Santa Muerte is unique and has different colours and patterns. The Tattoo collection is a tribute to the rich tradition of decorating the body with tattoos. Models from this line look like tattoo sleeves made by the best artist. In this collection you can find patterns that can also be found on the bodies. This is an interesting accessory that will add variety to any outfit.

The Santa Muerte collection offers models decorated with beautiful skulls, known mainly from the rich tradition of Mexican Dia de los Muertos, i.e. the Day of the Dead. Calavera (Sugar skull), as this is the name of the pattern, comes from hand-made ornaments that are found on the graves of loved ones. Nowadays, however, the skull is mostly associated with colourful tattoo patterns.

Doodle watches - do you prefer retro or orient style?

The American line shows how deeply America is rooted in our minds. The watches from this collection are an attempt to show the pin-up style, which originates back from the 1940s and 1950s, but is also popular today. Among the models we can find feminine and naval designs.

Nature is a collection, which in its designs focuses on the world around us. The watches from this line feature primarily floral and fauna patterns on bright backgrounds. They can accentuate the delicate style, as they are not as eye-catching as the other lines of the brand.

Are you a fan of Eastern culture? The Oriental line is designed just for you! The models from this collection are the true quintessence of Indian, Chinese and Japanese culture. They have patterns of Indian gods, flowers, animals and dragons. Highlight your colourful and unique style with Doodle watches.

Doodle watches - stand out from the crowd

Doodle offers watches for both men and women, as well as unisex models. The only difference lies in the size of the case. There is no difference in terms of used materials and unique designs. That is why each of us will find a perfect model for themselves.

Today, classic watches enjoy great success but they look almost identical. If you want to add variety and colour to your everyday outfits, then Doodle watches are just for you! Stand out from the crowd with Doodle watches.

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