What jewellery to choose for a Christmas gift?


What jewellery to choose for a Christmas gift?

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.

12 Dec 2023

Christmas presents are a nightmare for many, but what could be better than giving someone close to you something that is both lasting and beautiful? Such is the case with jewellery, which will not only be the perfect Christmas gift, but also a sentimental keepsake for years to come. The tough question remains: what jewellery to choose for a Christmas gift? We rush to give you an answer, as well as a hint as to what to follow when choosing a gift and what to choose in the maze of possibilities.


What jewellery to choose for a Christmas gift?

What jewellery to gift this Christmas? The answer to this question is ambiguous and somewhat perplexing. Firstly, we need to consider the preferences, taste and needs of the person we want to gift. Secondly, we need to determine the budget we want to allocate for the Christmas gift. This will significantly narrow down our search. Thirdly, we should consider what we want to express with the gift: love, friendship, gratitude or we just want to make someone happy. Lots of men decide to propose at Christmas. This is the time to look around for an engagement ring

Welsh Corgi in front of a Christmas tree

Jewellery with symbols such as hearts, infinity, the moon, or stars is now very fashionable. This type of bracelet or necklace is an excellent gift idea for your mother or sister. Moreover, it’s worth specifying the type and colour of the precious metal to be used in the jewellery. This is important and directly related to another aspect, namely the price. Such a pragmatic approach will make our search much easier and save us unnecessary stress. Below are three gift ideas.

Fossil jewellery for Christmas

Jewellery – the perfect gift for your mum or dad

What gift to choose for your mum? Opt for a tasteful bracelet made of gold. There are three shades of gold to choose from: white, rose gold and yellow gold. Bonore has prepared a range of interesting necklaces and bracelets with pendants of various shapes. Choose the one that best suits your mother. You can also be guided in your selection by the symbolism of the signs. For example, the infinity sign stands for, among other things, good fortune and longevity while the clover is said to bring luck and prosperity. In addition to the symbols, letters are very fashionable; the first letter of the name is usually chosen. If you don’t want to buy a gold bracelet, consider a model on a string, especially the red one as it has an interesting meaning. According to the Kabbalah (school of thought in Jewish mysticism), it’s supposed to protect against negative influences and emotions and bring good luck and prosperity.

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What to choose for your father? Instead of jewellery, go for a premium watch. Check out some cool automatic watches, especially the Swiss-made ones from Ball, Certina and Tissot. If your dad is a fan of quartz watches, Vostok Europe, known for its rugged and hefty designs, is a good choice. If you're looking for a tactical watch that won't let your dad down in any conditions, go for the iconic Traser brand. And what if your dad doesn't wear jewellery but already has a whole collection of quartz and automatic watches? Well, that's a good thing, because in that case, the perfect Christmas gift for your dad would be a sleek, stylish watch winder. The Wolf brand offers a wide range of watch winders that look like small works of art, crafted from top-notch materials. We also recommend products from Beco Technic and Leanschi.  

elegant chest of drawers with a watch winder Wolf 792202

Give your siblings fashionable jewellery

If you and your siblings share an unbreakable bond, consider going for twin bracelets. Brands like Tom Hope offer such models, available in sizes XS for women and L for men. For a youthful and stylish vibe, check out the jewellery from the Spanish brand Victoria Cruz. Their products are made in Italy from 925 sterling silver of the highest quality. The gold-plated models maintain their original look for a long time thanks to a special 18-carat gold coating technique. In addition, the brand uses stunning, multi-coloured mountain crystals. The second brand that creates beautiful, unusual and colourful jewellery is Coeur de Lion. This German brand is famous for high-quality women's jewellery, e.g. the iconic GeoCUBE® collection that offers pieces consisting of square beads made of natural as well as synthetic stones.

Christmas bauble, star and Coeur de Lion jewellery


What jewellery can you gift your brother? If your brother is entering the labour market and the dress code requires him to wear a shirt, stylish cufflinks would be a good idea. The Italian brand Police has some elegant pieces worth checking out. Interesting jewellery designs have been prepared by the respected brand Fossil. The brand creates not only jewellery, but also watches for both men and women. How about a set: a stylish Fossil men's watch and a complementary bracelet? We recommend pairing a watch with a leather strap with a beaded bracelet and matching the bracelet watch with a leather bracelet from the Fossil Vintage Casual collection. Stainless steel bracelets are also very popular, with designers outdoing themselves when it comes to the size and shape of the links. We were captivated by the Classic AXG0105001 model from Armani Exchange. The Armani Exchange Classic AXG0105001 bracelet, featuring a bold anchor chain in black, is truly captivating. The piece will work well as a gift for a close friend.

Fossil watches on a book

Christmas gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend

When it comes to your better half, why not go for a gift that not only brings joy but also speaks volumes about your deepest feelings? One of the most frequently chosen and at the same time most desired motifs is the heart. Consider a necklace or bracelet with a heart motif that is subtle, charming and incredibly meaningful. If you’re leaning towards gold, explore the various jewellery pieces from Bonore, all made of high-quality 585 gold. For those who fancy stainless steel, Guess offers an extensive range of heart-themed jewellery in its Rolling Hearts, Guess Love Me Tender and Lovely Guess series. Beautiful heart earrings for women are also available in the Michel Kors collection. These pieces will surely appeal to fans of global fashion brands. We were personally captivated by Furla earrings, where the heart was ingeniously crafted from the brand's logo.

guess heart necklace from the love me tender collection


More and more men are putting on jewellery, choosing classic men's bracelets, chains and cufflinks. Some men decide to wear some extravagant earrings or necklaces. Dog tags make for intriguing pieces of jewellery, and you can discover them in the collections of Fossil, Diesel and Police. The latter brand has also released a series of necklaces with unique pendants in the shape of a cartridge or razor blade. Our favorites are Police Showpiece PEAGN0005603 and the Police Razorblade necklaces available in gold, grey and silver. If you're into timeless choices, check out nautical bracelets. Tom Hope and Paul Hewitt offer a whole range of products that draw inspiration from nautical things, e.g. colourful nautical rope bracelets with anchor-shaped pendants, leather bracelets and pieces with a lobster clasp.

Paul Hewitt men's watch and bracelet

Gift stylish jewellery for Christmas

The custom of giving gifts to each other is not only nice but also touching. In the beginning, you have to think a little and consider your loved ones' needs, tastes as well as dreams. It’s a bit tiring and stressful, but the joy in the eyes of loved ones makes up for it. Choosing a gift is the moment when we get to show someone how well we know and appreciate them. Have you already bought your Christmas presents, or are you doing some last-minute shopping? 

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.