A history of American style. Fashion icons under the magnifying glass


A history of American style. Fashion icons under the magnifying glass

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.

23 May 2024

American style is as diverse and eclectic as the United States of America itself and its people. It ranges from minimalism, through typically American preppy style to Hollywood glamour. Discover with us, the secrets of the dress code from overseas. We take a look at the icons of American style.

Straight from overseas - the definition of American style

What distinguishes the American style of dress? First and foremost, casualness and comfort. Of course, these are considerations in the context of everyday, after-work attire. Americans wear casual clothes. They prefer jeans, voluminous oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts, leggings, sneakers, which they swap for flip-flops in summer. It is interesting to note that both ladies and gentlemen avoid carrying handbags. They simply put the most necessary things in their pockets. The situation is different when it comes to accessories such as jewellery, scarves and watches, which are very popular among US residents.

Man with US flag

One of the most popular styles in the USA is preppy. It refers to the clothing of students attending college from the so-called Ivy League. What sets it apart? The skilful combination of sportiness and understated elegance. It has to be casual but classy. Complete the look with accessories such as a watch. It is important to focus on quality clothing and accessories to achieve the desired effect. Speaking of the United States, it is hard not to mention the Golden Era of Hollywood and styles straight from the cinema. It is back in vogue and at the biggest galas in the USA, stars and celebrities can be seen dressed and styled in this distinctive way. The glitz and glamour is also seen on the catwalks of major designers. After all, many people notice that the most prominent fashion capital at the moment is New York, which brings together the best photographers, designers, as well as world-class top models.

Michael Kors - watches from a world-class designer

Michael Kors is a designer who needs no introduction. His clothes and accessories are coveted by men and women the world over. However, his path to the top was not a bed of roses. The first successes were followed by a crisis and the threat of bankruptcy. The designer's consistency and persistence meant that he quickly emerged from his temporary difficulties. The brand gained regular customers and the designer himself was awarded the CFDA statuette in the Designer of the Year category. The brand was intended to be luxurious yet accessible, which was a bold yet absurd idea to some. However, time has shown that the company's chosen direction was the right one. Customers appreciate Michael Kors for creating things that are elegant, tasteful but also comfortable. Because comfort for Americans is very important. In addition to the clothing line, Michael Kors offers a range of accessories including jewellery and watches. What sets them apart? They are certainly unique and functional. Women's Michel Kors watches are equipped with a date or chronograph, among other features. And what is Michael Kors jewellery like? We were particularly impressed by the distinctive women's jewellery, with which every woman can emphasise her individual style. Our undisputed favourite is the premium Astor Link necklace MKJ835600710. We suggest wearing it cascading for a spectacular effect.

Michael Kors Premium Astor Link Necklace MKJ835600710

Guess - the brand that made the American dream a reality

Guess is an American brand created by the French Marciano brothers. Enchanted by the United States, and more specifically Los Angeles, they decided to settle here permanently. This happened in 1981, and since then they have been active not only in the American market, becoming a global and recognisable brand. Where did the idea for the name come from? Simply put, from a billboard advertising a famous McDonalds restaurant. It read "Guess what's in our new Big Mac?". The Marciano brothers' first design was washed jeans, a product so strongly associated and identified with the USA. No wonder customers loved their clothes. The natural next step was to complete the collection with accessories. Guess watches are distinguished by everything. The most distinctive model that reflects the designers' love of flash is the Frontier. It comes in the women's version model W1156L2, as well as the men's model W0799G2. The bezel, dial and bracelet are decorated with sparkling crystals. It is impossible to pass by it indifferently. What is the brand's success based on? First and foremost, on effective advertising. The campaigns are eye-catching, sexy and depict the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The brand works with extraordinary ambassadors every year. Currently, it is Georgina Rodriguez. She can be admired on posters, banners and billboards accompanied by the Guess Cubed GW0606L2 women's watch.

Guess Cubed women's watch GW0606L2

Wear your American-style watch with pride

The American way of dressing is synonymous with the American way of life. It is characterised by a casualness that Europeans sometimes lack. Want to wear a truly American style? Go for sports blouses, loose-fitting trousers and leggings, but top it all off with tasteful accessories such as trendy sunglasses, elegant necklaces, shiny bracelets, distinctive earrings and, of course, watches. Follow the example of the IT Girls from overseas, they know all too well the value of dressing in contrast. You will find watches and jewellery from global American brands in our online and stationary shop.

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.