Plantwear men's watches are small works of art. The brand's products are made from a combination of the best materials of wood and other watch components. The brand has fit perfectly into the trend of introducing biodegradable products, which are not inferior in design to many premium brands. So it's no wonder that fans of watches and ecology have come to love the products of this Plantwear brand.

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Plantwear Men's Watches

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If you care about the environment and a watch that is one of a kind, then Plantwear products are just for you! Visit our stationary stores in Warsaw or go to website and find your dream model.

Plantwear men's watches - brand secrets

Plantwear is a Polish brand from Radzyn Podlaski, which has taken customers by storm. In its activity it uses wood in a non-obvious way. From the hand of the designers are not created only watches, but also necklaces, bracelets and interior products. The most important thing for the company, however, is its commitment to wood and the satisfaction of its customers. For a couple of years the brand has developed its capabilities in order to best satisfy its fans.

Men's Plantwear watches - the choice of an eco-friendly guy

The most important advantage of the Plantwear watch brand is its focus on environmental protection. The brand emphasizes its commitment to environmental campaigns. Also unique is the production of the watches themselves, which does less harm to the environment than other brands that use classic materials. The brand offers a number of series that will satisfy any wearer. Of note is the Plantwear Fox collection of men's watches, which stands out not only for its unique materials, but also for its sporty flair. Its uniqueness lies not only in the fact that it is made entirely of wood, but it has additional functions to make everyday life easier. The watch has a date of the days of the month, a chronograph and a luminescent coating that will make it easy to read the time even at night. Plantwear men's watches will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.