Plantwear's wooden watches have hit the hearts of fans in Poland and abroad. Their timepieces made of wood are small works of art, which were created from a combination of noble, natural material, and high-end watch components. Meet Plantwear - wooden watches!

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Plantwear Watches

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The Plantwear brand is currently one of the best options for lovers of eco-friendly lifestyles. Made of wood, the models of Plantwear watches perfectly fit into modern trends related to ecology and the use of biodegradable materials, but they also look no less exclusive than watches made in the traditional way.

Plantwear watches - the origins of the business

Plantwear is a Polish brand from Radzyn Podlaski, which decided that creating watches and various accessories from wood is a great idea, as it involves using a material that is not only biodegradable, but also allows you to draw from nature. Thanks to such a solution, everyone now has the chance to choose a thoroughly individual watch - after all, no two pieces of wood are the same, which guarantees an absolutely unique look.

Why should you choose a Plantwear watch?

One of the undoubted advantages of these watches is their focus on environmental protection - of the watches and the brand itself. Very little wood is used in the construction of the envelopes and bracelets, which is also a material that is relatively easy to return to nature - the Plantwear brand is involved in environmental campaigns and plants 50 trees every month. Another reason to choose Plantwear watches is the way they are made - wood processing is undoubtedly less harmful to the environment than stainless steel processing. Besides, reclaiming steel is impossible, as a result of which the materials used to create the watch will end up in the trash after some time. Plantwear wood watches, on the other hand, are biodegradable, as a result of which they will be able to reenter the cycle of nature at some point.

Plantwear watches - which of the wooden proposals to choose?

The manufacturer offers a number of diversified collections, which are sure to satisfy any wearer with their workmanship. One of the essential lines will undoubtedly be the Plantwear Select series, with a modern, sporty design. Surprisingly,in this collection also the bracelet is made of wood. The chronographs placed on the dial will find use in measuring performance or the time it takes to drive a certain distance, while the characteristic indentation in the upper part of the dial, contrasting in color with the rest of the dial, gives an unconventional, casual character.

Ladies, on the other hand, will be pleased with the Plantwear Lark Slim wooden watch collection. The pastel colors and minimalist character of these models combine well with modern, especially summer, urban styles. Additional attention is drawn to the well-made leather strap. Comfort and fantastic casual style are the main features of this collection.

If you are distinguished by eco style and always choose products with minimal disturbance to the delicate balance of nature, Platnwear watches are definitely something for you. Don't wait, order them now and see how perfectly the style of such watches suits you!

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