If you are looking for something unique among watches, the Nixon brand will be the best choice. All Nixon women's watches are distinguished by extraordinary design and high quality workmanship - check it out for yourself!

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Nixon Women's Watches

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A classic watch cast in gold-colored stainless steel, or an original purple plastic model? Women's Nixon watches represent diversity, but also attention to every detail. Women have appreciated the Nixon brand for individualism and bringing freshness to the watch market. Nixon's extensive range also includes vintage watches from the Re-Run series, with their styling somewhat reminiscent of iconic Casio watches. The electronic display allows you to check the date, set an alarm and a stopwatch. Women looking for a traditional solution with a little character, will find it in the Small Kensington model consisting of a red dial and silver bracelet.

Nixon women's watch - a companion for years.

Taking care of every detail, Nixon does not forget to ensure that each model signed by the brand serves for years. For the manufacture of the envelopes and bracelets, high-quality anti-allergenic stainless steel is used, which does not tarnish, guaranteeing the preservation of the unique color of the watch even for several years of use. To cover the unique dials, manufacturers use mineral glass, providing effective protection against any scratches. What distinguishes the Nixon brand is the high-end water resistance used in almost every available watch model.