The Nixon watch brand was established in response to the demand for fashionable, casual watches with a dynamic character. Since its inception in 1997, it has managed to enter most major watch markets and almost dominate them in the field of everyday watches. However, regardless of the purpose, Nixon watches are among the world's leading watch brands, providing high-end functioning and great looks.

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Nixon is a rarity in the watchmaking market. The manufacturers put all their heart into creating original models with a truly Californian flair. The brand's distinctive concept and style stems from its interesting history. In 1997, one of the brand's creators, Chad DiNenn, saw a shortage in the watch market. In addition to classic, elegant models, there was a lack of watches of less formal design. DiNenn teamed up with colleague Andy Laats and together they created the Nixon company. Both worked in the sports industry, so they had contacts that allowed them to quickly distribute the watches. Nixon watch models are characterized by true unconventionality and are aimed at all creative people.

History of the Nixon brand

The Nixon company was founded in 1997 in the small California town of Encinitas. One of the creators, Chad DiNenna, looking for a watch for himself and being inconvenienced by the choice in the American market, together with his colleague Andy Laats, created the Nixon brand. Thanks to Laats' previous work in the sports industry, they quickly managed to obtain contacts, facilitating distribution in stores. The combined experience of the founders allowed them to create a thriving company. The first catalog released included seven watch models and distribution was mainly to small sports stores. Rapid development led to the establishment of the first showroom in Europe as early as 2000. The year 2005 already saw more than 90 models on offer and 60 employees.

Nixon watches - synonymous with development

Think, create, create, build, repeat. These are the key words driving the company. Allowing such dynamic development. Unique and unmistakable style, new and unique. For more than 15 years of its existence, Nixon has won millions of hearts around the world.

The company has been organizing sporting events for years: one of them is the Nixon Surf Challenge. Initially, friends and co-workers of the company met at them for casual wave-beating, but the exponentially growing popularity made the competition official. Unlike classic tournaments, which cause tremendous stress, the Nixon Surf Challenge is all about having fun and playing your favorite sport together. The event, held off the coast of Spain, in San Sebastian, has also been supported since 2000. The natural beaches combined with beautiful views have made this place a favorite gathering point for surfers. For the tenth anniversary, the competition was exceptionally moved to Norway, to the Lotofy archipelago.

Choose an active lifestyle with a Nixon watch!

The Nixon brand is not just watches or clothes. It is first and foremost a lifestyle. Promoting activity, joint competitions, based on fun rather than competition are the main features of encouraging fans of the brand to enjoy a sporty lifestyle. A sense of uniqueness, while at the same time being a member of a community of brand fans. And there are reasons to be a fan! With a whole range of different collections, the Nixon brand has managed to satisfy every watch lover. The manufacturer's offer includes electronic watches, such as the sensational Nixon Base with its futuristic design, as well as classic analog timepieces - an example is the excellent Nixon Kensington collection, maintained in a minimalist convention, but characterized by a distinctive and uniform shine of stainless steel. Among the most interesting series is, of course, the Nixon Time Teller Star Wars series, characterized by references to the cult Star Wars saga - both in terms of color and likeness of, among others, characters appearing in the movies, whose image is engraved on the bezel. The Time Teller series was prepared both for adults and for the younger wearer, who needs a watch as dynamic as himself - hence the numerous color variants of this collection, often contrasting with each other.

Among Nixon watches there is also an interesting Diplomat SS series, incorporating a precise Swiss-made quartz mechanism. This provides a guarantee of reliability, while the unusual appearance allows you to combine this timepiece with formal styling, making the watch an ideal choice for anyone looking for a timepiece for any occasion.

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