The Nixon watch brand was established as a response to the demand for fashionable, casual watches with a dynamic character. Since its foundation in 1997, it has managed to conquer the watch market and soon become one of watch leaders in the field of everyday watches. Regardless of their application, Nixon watches are among the world’s leading watch brands, providing high performance and great appearance.

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Nixon Watches


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    Nixon C45 Men's Watch Nixon C45 Men's Watch
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    Nixon C45 A4651008

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Nixon is a novelty on the watchmaking market. Manufacturers put all their heart into creating original models in a truly Californian climate. The concept and style of the brand originates from its interesting history. In 1997, Chad DiNenna, one of the creators of the brand, noticed deficiencies on the watch market. Apart from classic, elegant models, there was a shortage of watches with less official design. DiNenna started to work with his colleague Andy Laats and soon they founded Nixon. They both worked in the sports industry, so they had connections that allowed them to distribute their watches quickly. The Nixon models are truly outstanding and are a perfect accessory for creative people.

History of the Nixon brand

Nixon was founded in 1997 in the small town of Encinitas, California. One of the founders, Chad DiNenna, was looking for a watch for himself and was unhappy with the choice of watches available on the American market. That is why he established the Nixon brand together with his colleague Andy Laats. Thanks to their previous work experience in the sports industry, they quickly managed to facilitate distribution in shops. The experience of the both founders allowed them to establish a thriving company. The first released catalogue included seven watch models, and the distribution was carried out in small sports shops. The rapid development resulted in the foundation of the first showroom in Europe in 2000. In 2005, there were already 60 employees and over 90 watch models in the offer.

Nixon watches are synonymous with development

Think, create, manufacture, repeat. These are the keywords driving the company that allow for such dynamic development. In over 15 years of its existence, Nixon has won millions of hearts around the world for its unique and inimitable style.

The company has been organizing sports events for years, including Nixon Surf Challenge. Initially, the company’s friends and colleagues took part in the event. But over time, the popularity of the event started to grow rapidly and the competition became official. Unlike classic tournaments that cause a lot of stress, the Nixon Surf Challenge is about having fun and doing sport together. Since 2000, the event also takes place in San Sebastian that lies on the Spanish coast. The natural beaches together with beautiful views have made this place a favourite meeting point for surfers. For the tenth anniversary, the competition has been exceptionally moved to Norway, to the Lofoten archipelago.

Choose the active lifestyle with a Nixon watch!

The Nixon brand is not just watches or clothes. It’s a lifestyle. The brand promotes physical activity and organises competitions based on having fun rather than winning, thereby encouraging Nixon fans to enjoy a sporty lifestyle. It’s worth being a member of the brand’s fan community. Thanks to a range of different collections, Nixon has managed to satisfy every watch lover. The manufacturer’s offer includes electronic watches, amazing Nixon Base watches with a futuristic design, as well as classic, analogue watches. For instance, the Nixon Kensington collection is maintained in a minimalist style, but characterized by the uniform gloss of stainless steel. The most interesting collection is the Nixon Time Teller Star Wars. It refers to the epic Star Wars saga in terms of colour and the representation of, for example, characters from the films whose image is engraved on the case back. The Time Teller collection was created for both adults and younger users, who need a dynamic watch for their active lifestyle. In the collection there are numerous colour variants that often contrast with each other.

Among Nixon watches there is also an interesting collection of Diplomat SS. The watches from this collection are equipped with precision Swiss-made quartz movements. These movements guarantee reliability, while the unusual design suits formal outfits. That is why they are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a watch for any occasion.

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