Glycine watches are some of the most interesting models of aeronautical watches, whose references to aeronautics and extremely beautiful workmanship encourage you to choose these watches. They were created in 1914, and the brand was created by a Swiss watchmaker, Eugene Meylan, who was inspired by the name of a noble and extremely hardy grape strain - Glycine. He decided that this name would best describe the watches he wanted to produce. In 1930 he invented the automatic mechanism, which revolutionized the entire history of watches - starting with the Glycine brand.

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Glycine Watches


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    Glycine Airpilot Dual Time Men's Watch Glycine Airpilot Dual Time Men's Watch
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    Glycine Airpilot Dual Time GL0363

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    Glycine Combat Classic 36 Automatic watch Glycine Combat Classic 36 Automatic watch
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    Glycine Airpilot GMT watch Glycine Airpilot GMT watch
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    Glycine Airpilot GMT Men's Watch Glycine Airpilot GMT Men's Watch
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    Glycine Airpilot Chrono GL0354

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    Glycine Airpilot GMT GL0348

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The Glycine brand was founded by Swiss watchmaker Eugene Meylan, who revolutionized the market by inventing the automatic movement. Today, Glycine is one of the prestigious manufactures, and its products appeal to anyone who appreciates long-standing tradition, extraordinary gait precision and timeless, masculine design, which is inspired by aviation and aeronautics.

The unique style of each Glycine watch

Today's Glycine watches cultivate traditions from the pre-war period. Being a brand with strong ties to aviation, the Swiss company creates extremely durable timepieces designed to cope with the often difficult conditions of flight. At the same time, they have a unique style that does not change despite evolving trends - these are timeless watches, created for a select few. The brand has timepieces that are based on both quartz and automatic mechanisms.

Among the collections of the Glycine brand you can distinguish numerous series, characterized by a variety of styles - from classic to avant-garde and modern. One of the more famous Glycine lines is the Airman collection, accompanying watch enthusiasts since 1953. Their unprecedented durability and functionality at the time caught the interest of the US Army, whose command began to equip its soldiers with timepieces of this line. Glycine Airman watches were based on automatic mechanisms, while among the functions of the models, the double time indicator and the frequently occurring 24-hour time indicator should be mentioned first of all. The dials of the watches are covered with sapphire glass with a triple anti-reflective layer.

Cult series of Glycine watches - what sets them apart?

Another collection is the Combat series timepieces with a military design. The watches guarantee an always legible reading of the time thanks to the use of luminescent materials in the dial elements. The models of the Combat line are also equipped with the highest quality materials for the envelope and glass, making the individual pieces extremely durable.

The third series is the Incursore. These models are extremely popular among the uniformed services thanks to their neat balance of chic style and durability of materials. One of the distinctive features of the Incursore series is the high level of waterproofness of all pieces.

The Combat Sub collection is a series designed specifically for divers in need of precise and durable equipment. Thanks to the high level of water resistance, which is as high as 200 meters, Glycine watches perform perfectly at considerable depths. The timepieces are helped in keeping the timepieces in excellent condition by durable envelopes, resistant to mechanical damage and pressure.

The F 104 is another aviation-related Glycine series, modeled on the design of the supersonic US F-104 Starfighter aircraft. The design of the timepieces is reminiscent of the clocks found in the cockpit, and the F 104 models themselves provide outstanding legibility and are very precise thanks to the GL 224 automatic mechanisms.

The Classic line is dedicated to those looking for a very elegant timepiece. Precise Swiss quartz and automatic mechanisms are responsible for the operation of the Glycine Classic - depending on the selected model. The dials of the watches feature the so-called sunray cut, giving the individual pieces even more chicness.

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Glycine watches in Warsaw

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