Wenger is a Swiss brand, which thanks to many years of tradition and experience has become one of the most recognisable watch companies on European markets. The classic designs of Wenger watches reflect the manufacturer’s commitment to tradition.

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Wenger Watches


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History of Wenger watches

The Wenger brand was founded in 1893 in Courtételle in Switzerland by Theo Wenger. At that time, it was a factory that produced high-end knives for the military. Over time the factory started to release its Swiss Army Knives, competing with the widely recognised Victorinox brand. Wenger distributed its knives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, while Victorinox in the German-speaking region. The division of the market by the Swiss government was motivated by the need for equality between the two parts of Switzerland, but this was only a cover. In fact, it was about bringing about an ‘arms race’ between the two companies and making one of them perfect in creating military knives.

Wenger watches - classics and quality

In 1988 the Wenger brand also started to produce watches. With great experience in precision metalworking, it wasn’t a problem for Wenger to create watch elements or cases. Thanks to that it was much easier to start production. The brand decided on classic solutions, so it is difficult to find models with exceptionally advanced functions or modern design in its offer. Instead, Wenger continues to create traditional models in a classic, elegant style with better and better movements.

Which Wenger watch to choose?

Wenger offers a wide range of minimalist models, both for men and women. That is why the owner of such a watch can wear it to any outfit. Sports collections, however, include watches with a chronograph, which is used to indicate the elapsed time of the measured interval.