This world-famous fashion brand was named for its founding location at 9 West 57th Street in New York City, where its first boutique was opened. The company’s offer is very wide and includes a multitude of accessories, including watches, shoes, bags and jewellery. Nine West watches are a proposal for women who are looking for modern products for every occasion.

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Nine West Watches


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The Nine West brand was founded in 1978 and was a response to women’s demand for affordable and stylish accessories for everyday outfits. The brand name comes from the location of the brand’s first boutique.

Originally, Nine West’s offer included mainly shoes and small accessories like bags and wallets. Nowadays, apart from a wide selection of footwear, we can find underwear, scarves, backpacks, jewellery as well as fashion and casual watches.

Contemporary design of Nine West watches

Nine West watches feature an original style, which is designed in line with modern trends. The watches will accentuate any outfit, giving a sense of uniqueness. The offer includes both women’s and men’s models. All of them have a unique character and design, which has been making trends in everyday fashion for decades. With Nine West watch you can highlight your individual style and show everyone that you know the latest fashion trends.

Nine West watches - reliability and quality

Nine West watches are made of good quality materials. They will increase the prestige and add more style to your everyday outfits. The built-in quartz movement guarantees a long operation of the watch and the mineral crystal effectively protects against scratches and impacts. The elements of the watch are made of stainless steel and are covered with a PVD coating, which is resistant to abrasion and doesn’t cause allergy or irritation.

Official Nine West Retailer - Authorised Store - Distribution

Nine West watches available in our store come from licensed distributors that were authorised by the manufacturer. They are the perfect choice for any season. Buy Nine West models in-store or online.

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