What jewellery to choose with your wedding dress?


What jewellery to choose with your wedding dress?

Olivia Jones

Olivia’s main passion is fitness. She believes comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. According to her, even sports shoes can be stylish. A fashion watch complements her every outfit.

14 May 2024

The wedding season has begun, which means many challenges, including choosing the right jewellery. Not only brides, but also wedding guests are struggling to choose accessories. How do you choose the right necklace to match your dress perfectly? Which model and for which neckline will it be suitable? What material should it be made of? And most importantly, should a necklace be worn with a wedding dress at all? In this article we will try to answer these questions and dispel any doubts. We will also suggest what jewellery to choose instead of a necklace?


Necklace model vs. neckline type - what goes with what?

When planning your outfit for a wedding celebration, there are a few important points to consider. First of all, it is important that the dress and jewellery are comfortable. There is nothing worse than having to constantly correct yourself during the party. In addition, the necklines should be chosen appropriately to accentuate the neck and the dress. V-neck, V-neck or American necklines are excellent choices, matching virtually all types of necklaces. In second place in popularity is the round neckline, which is classic and timeless. When matching a necklace with it, it is advisable to choose rounded models and adjust the length to match the cut of the dress. Remember that the proportions should be kept so that the whole looks harmonious and stylish. This will make you feel confident and beautiful at the wedding, which will certainly translate into a great time and unforgettable memories of your special day.

Types of necklines and compatible women's necklaces

If you want to emphasise your neck and collarbones, it's worth opting for a square neckline, commonly known as a karo neckline. It is very feminine and sensual, a real eye-catcher. A good idea is to combine it with a shorter necklace, such as a choker. Another popular neckline, especially in wedding dresses, is the heart-shaped neckline. It allows you to beautifully highlight your neck, collarbones and bust. If you choose this option, it is worth opting for a richly decorated necklace that goes well with an ornate pendant. Another popular neckline is the halter, which is heavily built up but exposes a beautifully exposed back. In this case, we suggest a longer necklace. However, we suggest choosing a neckline that exposes the neckline, such as decorative earrings, thus forgoing the necklace. A well-tailored neckline and the right necklace can be the perfect complement to your look, highlighting your assets and adding a touch of glamour to the whole look.


What should a necklace for a wedding be made of?

Choosing the right materials and colours of jewellery to go with your dress is crucial, as it can significantly accentuate the character and colours of your entire outfit. With the right jewellery, you can enhance the beauty of the fabric of your dress and match it perfectly with your individual style. A well-chosen necklace, bracelets or earrings can make the whole look even more elegant and neat. It is important to keep in mind the harmony between your jewellery and your dress to create a cohesive and dignified look. By taking care of the details, you are showing your taste and attention to detail, which is sure to be noticed by others. It is worth being tempted by a necklace adorned with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds or rubies. With these gemstones you can emphasise your individual style and make your styling unique and unforgettable.


women's gemstone necklaces by Bonore


Silver and gold are definitely versatile jewellery colours that will always add class and elegance to your wedding dress. Gold jewellery goes well with dresses in warmer tones, while silver jewellery pairs perfectly with cooler tones. They will make every bride shine on her special day and impress with their sophisticated style. What should a wedding necklace be made of? It depends on individual preference and budget. Nico, a cheaper option is jewellery made from stainless steel and silver. A slightly more expensive but extremely durable choice may be jewellery made from precious metals such as gold or platinum.


Sif Jakobs Ellera Ovale Necklace 925 Silver SJ-N2415-CZ-YG


Should the bride wear a necklace?

There has never been, a set rule that a bride cannot wear a necklace on her wedding day. It's important to be guided by your own taste, preferences and self-image on your special day. If we usually wear glamorous jewellery, why should it be any different on our wedding day? And if we feel best in minimalist accessories, there is no need to change that. However, pearls are a point of contention, which can raise superstitious concerns. They are said to bring bad luck, so if you believe in these signs, it's best to steer clear of them. Pearls, also known as Angel's Tears, can be extremely elegant, but if you feel uncertain about their meaning, it is better to avoid them on your wedding day.


What jewellery to choose instead of a necklace?

Matching jewellery to your style and character is very important, because when we wear it, we want to feel special and emphasise our personality. When we choose a richly decorated and patterned outfit, it is better to avoid exaggerated accessories and opt for minimalist earrings or delicate bracelets. Simple rings with a subtle form and delicate shine are the perfect complement to such a look. The Bonore brand is a great choice for those who appreciate 585 gold bullion jewellery, which is elegant and timeless. Its range is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys wearing high-quality accessories.


Bonore ring in 585 gold with 0.7 ct diamond


Minimalist, muted creations are great, but sometimes it's worth adding a splash of colour to add life to our outfits. Look out for jewellery by Coeur de Lion, which offers extremely elegant and multicoloured accessories. GeoCUBE® is an iconic shape that adds a modern twist to the entire collection. Sif Jakobs is another brand that is renowned for its love of colour and sparkle. Its jewellery, enriched with AAA zircons, catches the eye and adds a glamorous touch to any look. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings from the brand are the perfect choice for those looking for elegant and fashionable accessories. By adding such an accent to your wardrobe, you are sure to create a memorable look.


Women's jewellery from the Coeur de Lion GeoCube brand


The perfect jewellery for a special occasion

A wedding and reception are moments we will remember for a long time. We need to take care of every detail of our look to look elegant and special on that day. Jewellery is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a way to emphasise our personality and self-confidence. In our shop you will find a wide selection of high quality jewellery that will allow you to shine and feel special. Remember, as she said .

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Olivia Jones

Olivia’s main passion is fitness. She believes comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. According to her, even sports shoes can be stylish. A fashion watch complements her every outfit.