Seiko Black Series 2023 limited edition – discover the latest innovations in design and technology


Seiko Black Series 2023 limited edition – discover the latest innovations in design and technology

Asher Brown

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05 Sep 2023

Seiko is back with the newest addition to their Black Series collection. This series has firmly established itself as a staple in the Japanese manufacturer's offerings, and it's no wonder, given the worldwide acclaim for black watches, which shows no signs of fading. The initial limited edition Black Series made its debut in 2017 and 2018. Let's take a closer look at what Seiko has in store for us this year.


Intense night diving experience: discovering the invisible world

Night diving can be a truly exhilarating experience. All thanks to the element of risk that comes with it. The darkness hides countless surprises as your vision is restricted to the narrow beam of your torchlight. As a result, diving at night requires skill in navigating the dark and a vast reserve of composure. Embarking on a nocturnal journey to a coral reef guarantees an unforgettable adventure, primarily because many captivating species of nocturnal flora and fauna can only be encountered when diving with a dive torch.


seiko prospex dive watch


Seiko designers explore the magic of swimming in the dark by introducing the Black Series 2023

Seiko's designers drew inspiration from the captivating beauty of the seabed when crafting the Black Series. This year, the brand has introduced three new releases: one outdoor watch and two dive watches. The total production for this year's series will reach 10,600 pieces. The watches selected for this collection are the latest models currently in production within the Seiko Prospex series. This represents a shift from previous years when the company opted for classic models. In the latest collection, almost every surface of the watch is black, often complemented by green accents. This combination of colours is meant to evoke an image of the world seen through night-vision goggles. Just a glance at the new Seiko Prospex Black Series 2023 models and it becomes obvious that Seiko's designers have done an excellent job.


Seiko Black Series 2023


A return to the classics – Seiko's reinterpretations of the 62MAS model

Seiko's first dive watch, the 6217-8000, made its debut in 1965 and has since attained an iconic status, becoming one of the most sought-after vintage models. It’s known as the "62MAS" due to its movement complication, often referred to as the SeikoMatic Selfdater, The model measures 37 mm in diameter, boasts a water resistance of 15 ATM, and features a simple case design with a rotating bezel equipped with a diving scale. It comes equipped with a minimalist dial adorned with eleven enlarged stick indices. The dial is further enhanced by simple rectangular-shaped hands treated with a luminescent compound for excellent readability. At 3 o'clock, there is a date display. The 6217 movement runs at the frequency of 2.5 Hz and uses 17 jewels, ensuring reliable performance. Its robust construction contributes to its widespread popularity in the market. Seiko has shown a strong interest in revisiting this iconic design, consistently introducing reinterpretations in 2017, 2020, and 2023.


62MAS Seiko


Modern design and durability of Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1

This year's Black Series edition features a limited, nearly all-black 62MAS version, inspired by the SLA065J1 model, which was shown earlier this year. One of the things that distinguishes it from last year's SPB253J1 model is the use of a different movement. Seiko watches with the SLA designation use the 8Lxx of movements, closely related to the calibres employed by the Grand Seiko brand. Until recently, to own a watch with such a movement, it was necessary to import it from Japan.


Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1


Seiko 62MAS, which was released this year, features a 41.3mm case with a slightly bulkier bezel for a modern look. The model boasts a 47.6mm case, which measures 13.1mm in thickness. These dimensions make for an impressive-looking wristwatch. The all-black finish of the case is achieved through a cutting-edge Japanese technique known as "Super Hard Coating", which provides exceptional durability by hardening the stainless steel surface from which the watch is crafted.


Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1 dial


The same technique was used for the rotating bezel insert, featuring a fully engraved minute scale. The black dial is decorated with textured horizontal stripes reminiscent of sandy seabeds. The indices are the same iconic shape as those from 1965, but now there are 12. In addition, there’s a small rectangle next to the date window, serving as the index. This illustrates the brand's commitment to refining its products, offering customers watches that are both easy to read and functional. Both the indexes and hour and second hands are coated with a green Lumibrite coating. The minute hand, however, is treated with a white Lumibrite coating, just like the dot at the '0' position on the rotating bezel. This certainly makes it easier to read the time when diving underwater.


Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1 strap


Seiko Prospex SLA067J1 features a black NATO strap made of fabric. It is crafted from sturdy fibers, woven using the traditional Seichu method, a technique with a centuries-old history in Japan. It involves a tightly woven fabric known for its durability and appealing appearance, designed to withstand the test of time. The watch is powered by the reliable in-house movement 8L35, manufactured by Seiko. The Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1 is available in a highly limited quantity, restricted to just 600 pieces.


Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Black Series Limited Edition SLA067J1 front


Seiko 8L35 – equipped with a premium movement

Seiko SLA067J1 is powered by an 8L35 movement. The movements belonging to the 8Xxx family are among the finest that Seiko offers for its watches in international markets. The model equipped with the calibre 8L35 is a watch of the highest quality. The 8L35 movement is closely related to the 9S55 movement, used in many Grand Seiko timepieces. The main difference between them is the finish – the 9S55 is richly decorated as it was developed for models with a transparent case back. The version designed for sports watches has undergone improvements to increase its shock resistance.


seiko movement


Both movements are made at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio in Iwate Prefecture. The calibre 8L35 is an automatic watch movement with a 50-hour power reserve. It uses 26 jewels. Its operating frequency is higher than that of the movement from the 6Xxx series and is 4Hz. It also uses a SPRON metal alloy spring, which was developed by Seiko engineers and scientists at Tokyo Polytechnic University. This material provides increased resistance to magnetic fields. The escapement wheel and anchor are created using state-of-the-art electromechanical microsystem technology. This allows small parts to be made with greater precision and give them a skeletonised structure. These improvements lead to a longer service life, and the reduced weight due to the openwork design also leads to lower energy consumption.


watch calibre in the watchmaker's hands


The 8L35 movement is renowned for its robustness and accurate operation. It was used in the famous Prospex Emperor Tuna SBDX011 Marine Master model that was water-resistant to 100 ATM. Interestingly, in 2014, this watch was part of a test organised by Seiko in collaboration with JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology). The watch was attached to the hull of a deep-sea camera. It withstood the immersion to the manufacturer's declared depth without the slightest problem, and the 8L35 movement only stopped working when subjected to pressure at a depth of 4,299 metres.


A new interpretation of the classic watch from 1968 – SPB335J1 Diver for Seiko lovers

The second addition to this year's Black Series is the SPB335J1 Diver. It draws inspiration from the Heritage Turtle 1968 Re-Interpretation models, i.e. SPB313J1, SPB315J1 and SPB317J1 – all of them were unveiled last year. These four models all pay homage to the iconic Seiko 6105-8000 from 1968, which was Seiko's second dive watch. It was the successor to the 1965 62MAS, a timepiece that introduced significant changes to Seiko's watch design philosophy. The 1960s prototype had, for the first time in the history of Seiko dive watches, a crown at 4 o’clock. This enhanced the comfort of wearing the watch but also became one of the brand's trademarks


Seiko SPB335J1 Diver


In addition, the case received a new, rounded shape. These changes contributed to the development of iconic models like the 'Willard', the SKX007, and its successor the 5KX, which today enjoys an iconic status. In the mid-1970s, the 6105-8000 model saw the introduction of its successor, the 6105-8110, known as Captain Willard.This timepiece achieved immense popularity, selling out rapidly. Today, finding and buying an original model is becoming both increasingly difficult and expensive. Consequently, Seiko enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the unveiling of its upgraded version.


Seiko Prospex Divers Black Series Limited Edition SPB335J1 on a grey background


Seiko Prospex Divers Black Series Limited Edition SPB335J1 – comfort of wearing

The Black Series version features a 41 mm oval-shaped case, a faithful reproduction of the model from more than half a century ago. Its slimness makes it comfortable to wear. The model is 12.3 mm thick, which is good considering that we are dealing with a dive watch that meets ISO standards. As a result, the Black Series SPB335J1 will sit comfortably even on a slim wrist. The aluminium bezel insert is finished in two colours — anthracite and black.


Seiko Prospex Divers Black Series Limited Edition SPB335J1 luminescent coating


The finely textured dial is complemented by rectangular indices. The second hand's tip is divided into two parts in a shape described as "traffic light". The SPB335J1 watch has a rubber strap with a texture that imitates a fabric weave. The new material used to create the strap doesn’t cause skin chafing even when worn for hours. This model is also treated with a green Lumibrite coating. It’s a new version of this substance, which shines brighter and longer than its earlier counterpart. To the human eye, it’s also brighter than the Swiss Super-LumiNova. There will be 4,500 pieces of this model on the market.


What do the new Seiko Black Series Limited Edition 2023 dive watches have in common?

The Black Series limited edition dive watches are water-resistant to 20 ATM and meet the ISO 6425 standard. This means they have undergone rigorous testing to endure the pressure equivalent to 250 metres underwater. Their dials are readable from a distance of 25 centimetres for at least 180 minutes after immersion in water. Besides, they have a rotating bezel with a scale to facilitate diving. These watches feature a luminescent seconds hand, which allows you to easily check if the watch is functioning properly. The dials of the models are protected by sapphire glass. The case back are decorated with an engraving depicting the "Great Wave off Kanagawa" by the artist Hokusai and completed with the limited edition number.


Seiko Prospex Divers Black Series Limited Edition SPB335J1 caseback


The iconic Seiko Alpinist in a new version

The third addition to the Black Series is the black version of the Seiko Alpinist outdoor watch. The first Japanese sports watch was the Seiko Laurel Alpinist, produced in 1959. Its design was classic, but it came equipped with a thick leather strap. The Japanese valued this model for its versatility. The classic dial of the watch complements formal attire perfectly. On the other hand, the sealed cases make these watches perfect companions for mountain excursions. The base for the model was the Prospex with a diameter of 39.5 mm. During its design, it was inspired by the Red Alpinist model from 1995. The distinctive design with two laces won acclaim for its unusual styling and comfortable case size. For a long time, it was a model produced exclusively for the Japanese market. It became available worldwide in 2020, it was then equipped with the new 6R35 movement. Its creation was inspired by the Prospex, boasting a 39.5 mm diameter case. Its design drew inspiration from the Red Alpinist introduced in 1995. The standout feature of this design, with its two crowns, earned acclaim for its unique and comfortable case size. For an extended period, it remained a timepiece exclusively crafted for the Japanese market. However, it finally became accessible to watch enthusiasts worldwide in 2020 when it was equipped with the new 6R35 movement.


Seiko Laurel Alpinist


The all-black watch for outdoors – Seiko Prospex Alpinist Black Series Limited Edition SPB337J1

Prospex Alpinist SPB337J1 features a black, finely textured dial with legible Arabic and indices symbolising the peaks of mountains. A date display is placed at 3 o'clock. The minute and second hands are in black, while the hour hand is of a lighter shade. This distinction came from the need to make it easier to determine world directions using the watch and the position of the sun in the sky. All the hands are treated with a green Lumibrite coating. There's a bi-directional rotating bezel featuring a compass scale surrounding the dial. The compass scale can be adjusted via a crown located at 4 o’clock. The solar compass also makes it possible to determine world directions in places where the magnetic compass doesn’t work


Prospex Alpinist Black Series Limited Edition SPB337J1


The dial of the watch is protected by sapphire glass. The model features a magnified date display and a black bracelet made of steel. This is the only model in the Black Series collection to feature a transparent case back. The caseback displays the water resistance rating, and you can also find the limited edition number there. A total of 5,500 units of the Alpinist SPB337J1 will be produced.


Prospex Alpinist Black Series Limited Edition SPB337J1 dial


The Seiko 6R35 calibre with a power reserve of 70 hours

Both Diver SPB335J1 and Alpinist SPB337J1 are powered by the reliable 6R35 movement. They offer an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. Operating at a frequency of 3 Hz and using 4 jewels, these calibres are known for their precision and durability. The balance springs are crafted from SPRON alloy, which enhances their resistance to magnetic fields, further enhancing the watches' accuracy. These movements feature an automatic, bi-directional Magic Lever winding system. This innovative solution, introduced by Seiko in 1959, is renowned for its ability to rapidly replenish energy to the mainspring.


calibre Seiko 6R35


Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Edition 2023 in three versions

Once again Seiko has crafted the all-black watch series in such a way that it looks modern and fresh while retaining its unique character. The three new models will appeal to a wide range of customers with differing preferences. The collection has something for lovers of vintage models and highly limited editions, diving enthusiasts and off-road hikers. 


Seiko balcak series 2023 in the hands

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.