High-end Montjuïc watches with a sporty, automotive character make them a delight for all lovers of fast four wheels. Discover the variety of models to choose one that perfectly suits your taste and personality. Montjuic watches are not only a way to express yourself, but also to meet fashion expectations. Find out how many interesting designs Montjuïc offers in the world of men's wristwatches!
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Montjuic Watches


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Montjuic is a brand from Spain that offers sports watches. As you can see at first glance, the company creates its designs, inspired primarily by motorsports. Such products will appeal to lovers not only of color, but also of workmanship straight from the race tracks! The creators of this prestigious and extremely unique manufactory are Resendo Rabat, Tendu Rabat and Eduardo Mendeza. Each of them dreamed of creating their own brand of watches, and as a result, together they managed to achieve it. The designs strongly inspired by motorsport catch the eye and surprise with every detail.

Montjuic watches - the history of the brand's creation

Active for about 20 years in the watchmaking industry, father and son, known as Resendo and Tendu Rabat have gained extraordinary popularity in Spain. They are the distributors of world-renowned brands such as U-BOAT, Vostock Europe and many others. The name has long been associated with watches of the highest class and undeniable precision. The men floated plans to start their own watch brand, but something was missing. That missing element, which pushed the project forward, was Eduardo Mendeza. This exceptional man had been creating various types of racing vehicles for 30 years and proved to be the perfect companion to start the company. Together, the collaborators set their priorities, goal and chose a name. Referring to the specifics of the company, the partners unanimously decided on Montjuic - the name refers to the legendary race track in Barcelona.

Montjuic watch collections

The brand offers several watch lines: Speed Mecaquartz, Speed GMT and Speed Chronograph. All these series, in addition to the prefix "Speed", are united by the characteristic design of the envelope, which resembles a car piston in its appearance. It is made of satin-finished stainless steel. Straps created from wrist-comfortable silicone or rubber for even greater wearing comfort are connected to the envelope at the right angle. The dials feature an engraving depicting the route of the Montjuic track, while the crown alludes to the gears found on the gearbox. The models are complemented by sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides, so you can admire every little detail hidden on the dial. In dark rooms, the Super-LumiNova luminescent coating, which was placed on the hands, will prove useful.

Equipment of Montjuic sports watches

The Speed GMT collection is equipped with the popular Swiss Ronda movement. Many of you are certainly familiar with its precision. The Mecaquartz series works with a mechanism of Japanese origin. This type of mechanism provides a gait accuracy of about +/- 15 seconds per month. The last line is the Chronograph, which offers watches with the Myiota MJ2.0701.S movement with the same accuracy as the previous series. It stands out above all for its lightning-fast response to buttons: chronograph or start.