Furla is a brand best known for its beautiful bags, shoes and leather accessories. Associated with Italian design, the company focuses on artisanal craftsmanship and providing customers with a sense of luxury. Few people know that this Italian brand is currently conquering the watch market. Furla watches are the embodiment of elegance that will also work for everyday wear.

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Furla Watches


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Furla was established in 1927 in Bologna by the Italian designer Aldo Furlanetto. His products quickly began to gain popularity, and this was thanks to the elegant women who promoted the products abroad during their travels. Unfortunately, the company’s development was halted by the outbreak of war. Only 10 years after the end of the war Furlanetto opened his first shop. The shop was located in a very important city for the brand, namely in Bologna. Sales picked up sharply in the 1970s when Aldo’s children joined their father in the company. They introduced seasonal collections and helped their father refresh the brand's image. This allowed Furla to succeed in the global market.

Furla - history

When Aldo Furlanetto founded his brand in the late 1920s, the focus was on high-quality materials and careful production with attention to detail. Following these principles allowed him to achieve great success. After the war, in the 1970s, the first Furla shop was opened in Bologna. The designer’s children, i.e. Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna, joined their father in the company and helped him take care of the brand's promotion and adapt the offer to the changing times. They split the collections into seasons and introduced new products that were as luxurious as the bags that Furlanetto started with. This is how Furla watches have been created.

Furla watches - luxury on your wrist

The brand offers both casual and elegant watches on a bracelet and a strap. Their dials are often enriched with the subtle logo of Furla. Minimalism goes hand in hand with luxury. The muted colours, e.g. brown, white, rose or yellow gold make Furla watches suitable for a wide range of outfits. Fans of jewellery will also be satisfied as some of the models can successfully replace a bracelet. Small cases will perfectly look on a woman's wrist.

Women’s collections by Furla

Each Furla watch collection features a cohesive design complemented by distinctive elements. The Furla Cosy collection is perfect for both everyday wear and elegant outfits. We can choose between watches on leather straps and steel bracelets. Their guilloche dials feature the brand logo in the centre. Furla Cosy watches are powered by a quartz movement. The collection is great for women who want to look elegant regardless of the occasion. The Furla Minimal Shape collection, however, features dials decorated with a fine pattern of the brand’s logo. They come with classic cases in silver, gold or rose gold and high-quality leather straps. This collection will perfectly complement your everyday style and make you feel special.

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