Watch brands with a long history of producing timepieces enjoy great popularity among watch enthusiasts. Eberhard is one of such companies as it can boast a 130-year-old tradition of creating exceptional watches. Find out why Eberhard watches are so eagerly purchased by customers all over the world.

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Eberhard has had a major impact on the entire watchmaking industry thanks to its outstanding business activities over the years. Why does the company continue to have an important place in the market? Why are Eberhard watches valued by watch enthusiasts all over the world? Let’s find out!

The unique history of the Eberhard brand

The Eberhard brand was established in 1887 in the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Its founder was Georges Eberhard, who decided to set up his own company after moving to Switzerland. Although it was a brand of Swiss origin, it was very much associated with Italy. Why? Well, the brand was supplied with watches by Italian ministries in the 1920s and 1930s. At that time, Eberhard saw a great flourishing outside Switzerland. Eberhard is definitely a brand that can boast its roots and designs from the golden age of watchmaking. In 2017, the Eberhard brand celebrated its 130th anniversary. Despite such a long history, the company continues to grow and create watches that are admired around the world.

Groundbreaking designs of Eberhard watches

What makes the Eberhard brand so successful in the watch market? Well, the development of its own designs has undoubtedly contributed to its success. As early as 1969, Eberhard watches were considered the most accurate ones – their movements beat at a rate of 36,000 oscillations per hour. Eberhard is also proud to have initiated the creation of a chronograph with a stopwatch function, which, thanks to the use of two buttons, allowed the user to stop the time without resetting it to zero. This innovation was just one of many innovations that were developed for the watch industry. Eberhard is a brand mainly known for creating unique watches, but it has also influenced the world of fashion and other related industries. Eberhard watches are definitely synonymous with high quality and prestige.

Eberhard watches – what model to choose?

By choosing Eberhard watches, you’re choosing top quality, prestige and excellent finishing. If you’re a watch enthusiast, then be sure to check out the legendary Chrono 4 collection which, as the name suggests, includes chronographs. Contrary to general assumption, watches with a chronograph don’t necessarily look sporty. Eberhard watches are very elegant and can be worn with smart shirts. The Eberhard Scafograf collection, however, offers sporty watches with a day display, luminescent-coated hands, a helium escape valve and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. So, if you want to make your outfit a bit smarter, then this is the right collection for you!

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