Balticus is a true watch manufactory. The brand's products are made in small quantities and entirely by designers, so they are elite watches. Balticus is therefore a guarantee of excellent workmanship and attention to every element. This Tri-City company constantly wants to develop, so it creates watches so well suited to the personal needs of its owner.

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Balticus Watches


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Balticus watches, as the name suggests, were created inspired by the Polish sea. The Tri-City brand has set its sights on creating high-quality models that will be unequivocally associated with the seaside climate.

Balticus watches - what is the brand?

The element that distinguishes Balticus watches from other brands is the attention to high quality workmanship and the combination with unprecedented, surprising design solutions. is very high quality combined with a beautiful, unusual form. A firm favorite among customers is the Gwiedny Dust series - the watches featured in it are available in both men's and women's versions. The watches combine Polish design sentiment with proven and appreciated mechanisms of the highest quality.

Balticus watches - the best-selling watch brand

A characteristic element of the Balticus Stardust collection is the stone dial with shimmering particles in the light. The caseback of the models in this series is also interesting - it is decorated with a graphic that depicts a rain of falling stars. Models from the Balticus Stardust series are equipped with an automatic snare mechanism, while chronograph versions have a quartz mechanism of Japanese origin.

Balticus - watches with soul

The dials of the Balticus Black Dust line of watches were made of aventurine - the dial face thus resembles the starry night sky. These are some of the most popular Balticus watches in our store. Their popularity is due to excellent technical parameters, such as automatic Miyota mechanisms, a power reserve of up to 40 hours and water resistance of 200 meters.

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Our store is an official partner of the Balticus brand, so you have a guarantee of the originality of the watch, professional VIP service and very fast order processing! Come to our stationary store in Warsaw and see the unique Balticus watch models on the spot or order online with lightning fast shipping!

Balticus watch store in Warsaw

A watch that is unique, elegant, perfectly made - if these qualities are important to you, then Balticus brand products are tailored to you. Visit our store or website and join the elite group of Balticus watch owners. In Warsaw you will find watches of this brand at the best prices.