Gift ideas for a watch enthusiast


Gift ideas for a watch enthusiast

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.

18 Dec 2023

With the holidays just around the corner, it's a good time to think about what gifts we want to get for our loved ones. If you've got a friend or family member who's really into watches and already has a few in their collection, and you're scratching your head about what to get them, then look no further. We've got some unique gift ideas for those who appreciate the art of watchmaking, so take a moment to check them out.


Watch boxes – stylish and organised collection of timepieces

Every watch collector would like to store their timepieces in an organised, safe way, instead of hiding them in a drawer. After all, unique, exceptional watches deserve to be kept in a luxury box. That’s why a great gift idea for a watch collector is a watch box. Not only does it protect precious possessions such as jewellery and timepieces, but also looks very elegant on the shelf. A watch box does an excellent job of preserving the life of timepieces and other accessories. Of course, it goes without saying that elegant timepieces should be kept in chic boxes. Watch collectors will certainly agree with what I’m saying. 


Elegant and functional watch boxes – for those who value quality and style

Talking about watch boxes, it’s impossible not to mention the Wolf brand, whose products are made of high-quality materials and with the utmost care. The Wolf Palermo 213802 box is made of natural leather. It includes six watch compartments. The security of the models stored in is assured by a key lock. The box has a locking glass cover that adds a level of elegance and sophistication. In addition, the box has a USB input.


Wolf Palermo 213802


If you’re looking for a box that can fit not only watches but also other accessories, the Wolf Roadster 477656 box is an excellent choice. Its decorative nature means that it will look great on a shelf and can be a decoration for the interior of the room. This model is securely padlocked and boasts a locking glass cover. The box is made of vegan leather but also features details made of polished Makassar ebony wood. It includes space for 10 watches and can also serve as a jewellery box. The additional drawer has 8 rolls, 12 compartments (e.g. for cufflinks) as well as some space for two straps and one bracelet. The box is equipped with a USB port. 


Wolf Roadster 477656


Watch cases – keep your watch safe when travelling

For watch enthusiasts who are always on the go, consider gifting them travel accessories like watch cases and rolls. One excellent choice is Wolf Blake 305028. Crafted with precision and care, this elegant watch case is made from black natural leather and features a luxurious deep purple suede lining. Its handcrafted design takes the shape of a convenient roll, secured with a snap closure. What makes it even more appealing is its capacity to hold up to 3 watches, each with a maximum case diameter of 52 mm. 


Wolf Blake 305028


If you need a bigger travel case to hold up to 4 watches, each with a diameter of up to 50 mm, check out Leanschi Chocolate Brown WPO4-CHOC which is crafted from vegan leather. The interior is lined with soft material. The rectangular shape makes it a breeze to slot into your luggage effortlessly. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 5.5 x 17.5 cm.


Leanschi Chocolate Brown WPO4-CHOC


Watch winders – the perfect choice for a fan of automatic watches

What about fans of automatic watches? We have a functional and practical gift for them too. I'm talking about watch winders, of course! Automatic watches need to be worn constantly to keep them running. This isn’t a problem when you have only one watch. The case is different when we have a collection of watches. A watch winder is a handy device that saves you the hassle of resetting the time every time you decide to wear your watch again. Its purpose is to keep an automatic watch ticking even when it's not on your wrist. By rotating the watches, a watch winder simulates the human hand motion, so that it will keep your wristwatch running smoothly. This gift is not only practical, but also very stylish. Designed in a sophisticated style, modern watch winders look very elegant. This makes them ideal for home decor. Depending on your needs, you can choose a watch finder that includes space for one, two, three, four, eight or even sixteen timepieces. Visit our website and check out our watch winders as well as watch and jewellery boxes. Our offer includes, among others, reliable products from the renowned German brand Wolf.


Wolf Axis 469616


Watch winders – ideal for storing and winding automatic watches

Beco Technic Boxy BLDC is a watch winder designed for a single timepiece. Its high gloss wood case exudes elegance, complemented by a luxurious black velvet interior. The watch winder features built-in LED lighting, which automatically turns on when the case is touched and turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity. The device can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternately. Thanks to the BLDC motor, it operates quietly and precisely.


Beco Technic Boxy BLDC watch winder


Wolf Palermo 213716 isn’t only a watch winder, but also a jewellery box. Beyond providing a dedicated spot for your watch, it offers compartments for necklaces, rings, earrings and other treasures. Operating with a bidirectional left/right program, the device offers a customizable range of rotations per day, spanning from 300 to 1200. To ensure a secure fit, the model features a patented locking system, keeping your watch safely nestled in the drum. The device is powered by the included power supply or D-Cell/lithium batteries. Wolf Palermo 213716 has a locking glass cover. It’s possible to set a power reserve for 6 or 72 hours. 


Wolf Palermo 213716 watch winder


The watch winder that accommodates up to three watches is Wolf British Racing 792341. Its name refers to the colour it comes in. Accented with gold details for a tasteful touch, this model boasts a four-piece cushioned storage compartment, an open compartment and a handy travel case. Equipped with a versatile two-way and left/right program, you have control over the number of daily rotations, ranging from 300 to 1,200. The 10-second start delay can also be activated. The device has an LCD and an option to set the power reserve from 6 to 72 hours in 6-hour increments. A patented locking system secures your watch snugly in the drum, and additional features like a locking glass cover and key lock add an extra layer of protection.


Wolf British Racing 792341 watch winder


For those seeking a watch winder with maximum capacity, Leanschi Black WM04-ALLB takes the lead, accommodating up to 4 watches. At the same time, the model serves as an elegant watch casket with dimensions of 23.5 x 25.5 x 17 cm. It is made of wood and vegan leather and is finished in classic black. Control is at your fingertips with the LED display on the top wall, offering seamless management. The watch winder considers your peace of mind with a sleep function, providing a 12-hour pause to ensure a disturbance-free environment, especially in the bedroom. The device boasts three winding modes: left, right, or alternating — along with customizable rotations per day (650, 750, 850, 1000, or 1950). An A/C power supply is included for added convenience. 


Leanschi Black WM04-ALLB watch winder


Straps – a way to quickly change the design of your watch

Another gift idea for a watch collector can be a self-composed set of watch straps. By collecting the straps in different styles, you will make it easy for the recipient to change the design of their watch or match it to their style. When choosing straps, it’s important to know the strap width of the specific model. On our website, you will find products from top brands such as Vostok Europe, Traser, Suunto or Cluse. You can choose between different materials, e.g. leather, rubber and fabric. You can also narrow down your searches to specific styles such as casual, elegant, sporty or NATO. Of course, on our website, you’ll also find stainless steel bracelets of the finest quality.


watch straps


Watch accessories – the perfect gift idea for a watch enthusiast

We hope you’ll like our gift ideas for a watch fan. All our products stand out for top-quality workmanship, great functionality and attractive design. Guided by these qualities, we created a list of the best Christmas gifts. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.