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The watchmaking industry is huge. Watches are produced around the world and are sold both in-store and online. The internet has made buying and selling various watches very easy and convenient. Although Poland is relatively new to the watchmaking scene, multiple Polish watch brands have emerged in the last few years. What Polish watch brands do you know?

Balticus - watch brand that refers to the Baltic Sea

The beginnings of the Balticus brand go back to 2014, when its founder, Bartosz Knop, returned to Poland from Iceland, where he worked for a Polish-Icelandic company. Balticus was born out of passion, which over time evolved into a business idea. The founder of the company comes from Władysławowo, a town on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, so the name naturally referred to this region.

Balticus watches bring freshness to the market. The concept itself ensures consistency and makes the brand more memorable. The designs relate directly to the marine environment, the starry sky or the Moon phases. The adventure with timepieces started when Bartosz Knop began searching for material to create his own watch dial called Stardust on a Facebook watch group. The brand is developing rapidly every year as the company’s goal is to conquer foreign markets. Recently, Kamil Grosicki, a Polish footballer who plays for West Bromwich Albion, became the ambassador of Balticus.

The brand’s collections include: Sky, Stardust, Wave, Phases of the moon and others.

Balticus watches

Plantwear - for the love of wood

Plantwear is a Polish brand that produces wooden watches. Since they are mainly made of wood, they are more biodegradable than models almost entirely made of plastic. What’s more, each piece of wood is different which makes each product one of a kind. Only watch enthusiasts work on producing Plantwear models. The whole team puts their whole heart into work to satisfy the customers worldwide. The brand doesn’t use empty slogans like many other companies, but offers a unique design and assistance in case of damage.

On our blog you will read an article in the form of an interview about the most interesting facts about Plantwear, wood processing and properties of wood. The interview was conducted with the brand creators.

Plantwear watches

Xicorr - Polish watches for motorization fans

The last Polish brand worth mentioning is Xicorr as the company refers to the history of Polish motorization. The brand was founded in 2012 and since then it has been creating models with an original design. The brand’s name was inspired by the word “sikor”, which means “wristwatch” in Warsaw dialect.

The Xicorr watches are inspired by the old cars produced in the Warsaw factory, commonly known as FSO. The brand uses top quality materials, including stainless steel, mechanical movements and sapphire crystal. Xicorr has created many collections that present the beauty of old cars, e.g. M20, 200, Syrena Sport, or F125p Akropolis. The names of watch collections refer to the car names, e.g. the model called M20 refers to the first automobile produced from the early 1950s to 1970s and the model called 200 is its modification from 1957. In turn, F125p Akropolis refers to the Polish Fiat 125p.

Xicorr watches

We hope our article demonstrated how history and culture can be transferred to watches. Visit Watchard.com to buy models presented in the article.

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