Watch with a textile strap: Our Top 5 picks


Watch with a textile strap: Our Top 5 picks

Olivia Jones

Olivia’s main passion is fitness. She believes comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. According to her, even sports shoes can be stylish. A fashion watch complements her every outfit.

29 Apr 2022

Can you imagine a watch without a strap or bracelet? I can’t. In fact, I can’t imagine a watch without a movement, case and dial either. But in today’s article I’ll focus on straps alone, or to be more precise, textile straps. What are their qualities? Read the article and find out! See our 'must have' watches with a textile strap!


Watch straps and bracelets – discover their diversity

Straps and bracelets are the basic elements of timepieces, apart from pocket watches of course. The fact is that if it wasn't for a strap, we wouldn't be able to put such a piece on our wrist, let alone quickly read the time. It’s fair to say that a strap makes using a watch more practical and convenient. But that’s not all. Read on to find out what else wristwatches have to offer.

There is no doubt that wristwatches play an important role in fashion. The range of straps and bracelets available on the market is enormous but they all differ in material, style and colour. Different timepieces go well with elegant outfits and different ones with sports ones. Note that what will look good with, for example, a suit and an elegant shirt, won’t necessarily look good with a polo shirt and jeans.

Zegarek męski Certina DS-2 Powermatic 80 na pasku tekstylnym

Let’s paraphrase Hamlet's soliloquy and put his thoughts into these words "A strap, or a bracelet?" - that is the question. Despite appearances, this is one of the most important questions when choosing a watch. And, if a strap, which one?


Watch straps – the most commonly used materials

Manufacturers of watch brands rely exclusively on high-quality materials that guarantee failure-free operation and high comfort of use for a long time. The types of straps depend on the specific style and purpose. Customers can pick and choose from a wide range of straps offered by various brands such as Festina, Casio, Tissot, Luminox and Victorinox. The most common straps used in the watchmaking industry are made of leather (e.g. cow, alligator, lizard, ostric) or fabric (e.g. silk, textile, paracord, rubber).


Types of watches with textile straps

Although timepieces with a leather strap are probably the most frequently chosen watches by customers, watches with a textile strap have recently become increasingly popular on the market. But what's the reason behind it? Well, first of all, their quality is getting better and better. Plus, watches with a textile strap are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Also, they are highly resistant to external factors such as water and wind. No doubt, they evoke positive associations with the military and sport.

Zegarek Plantwear Raw Dąb na pasku tekstylnym

The following types of textile watch straps can be distinguished:

  • NATO and nylon straps – are made of long, one-piece and strong synthetic material; they will prove useful during physical activities as they are extremely resistant to weather conditions;
  • paracord straps – are made of an original, hand-braided and robust parachute cord considered to be an absolute essential part of a survival kit; designed for people who deal with extreme conditions (paracord straps are used in Victorinox watches);
  • canvas straps – are made from natural fibres (usually cotton) or imitations of natural fibres, they fit the wrist perfectly, don’t cause perspiration and are easy to clean, come with different types of weaves;
  • cordura straps – their material is made of polyamide with a polyurethane coating with Teflon finish, they are characterised by high resistance to abrasion, they’re commonly used in production of military, sports and outdoor watches;
  • fabric straps – are often made of silk, satin etc., frequently used in women’s watches, modern impregnation methods make it possible to prolong their resistance to water, grease and other liquids so you can enjoy their excellent quality for a long time.

Watches with a textile strap: our top 5 picks

The wide variety of textile and fabric watch straps make them suitable for both formal and casual dress code, from fashion and sports style to suit and cocktail attire. Since watches with textile straps guarantee great comfort of wearing, they are frequently chosen by those who like to dress casually and want to feel comfortable at work. Check out our top 5 picks of the most popular watches with a textile strap and join our list of satisfied customers!


Orient M-Force Automatic - casual watch for lovers of outdoor adventures

Orient M-Force Automatic RA-AC0N03E10B is a great choice for men, who love spending time outdoors. The watch is designed in a casual style. It comes with a stainless steel case and a black nylon strap that is very comfortable to wear. The dial is protected by a hard sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating that improves the readability of the watch on sunny days as it eliminates reflections. The bi-directional bezel also serves as a compass. Other useful features include: a date display, a shock-resistance system and a seconds stop function. Thanks to a high water resistance rating of 200 metres and a screw-down crown and caseback, you can swim and dive to shallow depths with a watch on.

Orient M-Force Automatic Men's Watch

Plantwear Raw Double Silver Oak – get even closer to nature with a recycled textile strap

Plantwear Raw Double Silver Oak 5904181500258 combines natural, unconventional design, charm and class with urban style. With this watch on your wrist, you will feel close to nature thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials. First off, the textile grey strap is made from recycled nylon. It ensures a great fit and excellent comfort of wearing. The case is made of oak, while the dial is made of natural stone. The watch face is designed in a minimalist style - There are only simple indices and a brand logo on it. As a result, the watch looks truly unique. Experimenting with textures and materials has given the whole thing an interesting boho vibe. This delicate style will surely transform your everyday outfit into a fashionable look.

Zegarek Plantwear Raw Double Silver Dąb

Traser P68 Pathfinder - tactical toughness of the NATO strap

Looking for a watch that will cope with difficult challenges and not let you down outside while doing extreme physical activities? If so, then Traser P68 Pathfinder GMT Green TS-109035 may be a good choice for you. This men’s watch comes with a robust stainless steel case and a durable dark green NATO strap that ensures great fit. The model comes with numerous features, including: a GMT hand, military time, a compass scale, a date display and innovative trigalight® technology that guarantees readability in the dark thanks to tritium-filled glass tubes. What else makes it special? Traser is renowned for Swiss quality and precise timekeeping. That's why it isn't surprising that the watch is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement called Ronda 515.24H. With this tactical watch on your wrist, you won't miss any spontaneous adventures in the middle of the woods or exciting trips to the mountains.

Zegarek męski Traser P68 Pathfinder TS-109035

Certina Aqua DS PH200M - discover the original style of a textile strap

Certina Aqua DS PH200M Lady C036. is another watch with a textile strap. The timepiece is sure to impress women with its sporty character, interesting design of case and bezel, high water resistance of 20 ATM, modern chic, Swiss quality (the Powermatic 80 movement), durability as well as eye-catching shiny accents. The watch surprises with its unusual combination of traditional forms and the latest trends. The beige strap is made from durable and recycled NATO-style textile material, which has been very fashionable recently. The look of the watch is completed by a beautiful and subtle mother-of-pearl dial and 11 diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process. This confirms that the women's watch has been designed not only for water sports, but also for everyday wear and smart casual outfits.

Zegarek damski Certina Aqua DS PH200M Lady C036.

Casio Edifice Scuderia AlphaTauri – feel the sports emotions with cordura straps

Are you a fan of fast cars, dizzying speeds, motor racing and Formula 1? Then you can't go past Casio Edifice Scuderia AlphaTauri Bluetooth Limited Edition EQB-1200AT-1AER. The watch is the result of a collaboration between the Casio brand and an Italian Formula One racing team, Scuderia AlphaTauri. Thanks to the cordura strap, the watch won’t restrict your movements. Moreover, it will ensure high resistance to abrasion and highlight your strong and bold character. The timepiece stands out for its sporty functionality. It’s equipped with a solar movement, Bluetooth® connectivity, a "Find your phone" feature, an automatic calendar and a stopwatch memory for up to 200 laps. Other features useful for sporting activities include chronograph subdials and a tachymeter scale. Designed in the official colours of the Scuderia AlphaTauridla team, it will make your heart beat faster and give motoring fans an extraordinary experience.

Zegarek męski Casio EDIFICE Scuderia AlphaTauri Bluetooth Limited Edition EQB-1200AT-1AER

Watch with a textile strap – see for yourself how great they are

Well, you’ve already learnt about the pros of textile straps. Now it's time for you to choose a watch that meets your style and needs. Don't wait and discover our wide range of watches with a textile strap now! Successfully compliment any outfit you wear!


Olivia Jones

Olivia’s main passion is fitness. She believes comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. According to her, even sports shoes can be stylish. A fashion watch complements her every outfit.