The launch of the Tissot PRX 35MM. The return of the iconic watches


The launch of the Tissot PRX 35MM. The return of the iconic watches

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.

16 Aug 2022

In 1978, the Swiss Tissot PRX watch was born, and we celebrated its grand return in 2021. Following last year's launch, the Tissot brand is taking the next step, this time starting a whole new chapter in its history. The iconic collection expands with five new watches with a case of 35 mm. Fall in love with retro style right now. Discover the new Tissot PRX 35MM model, which wins the hearts of many with its modern design.


Tissot PRX 35MM collection – return of the legend

The Swiss manufacturer Tissot is best known for creating luxury watches that are firmly rooted in the watchmaking tradition and at the same time distinguished by a strong modern character, iconic vintage design and innovative solutions. This is why the brand's motto - "Innovation by tradition" - has invariably accompanied every collection for decades.


Zegarek Tissot PRX 35MM T1372101135100


Retro style combined with contemporary trends is the guarantee of the unique design and timeless workmanship of the Tissot PRX collection. The unmistakable vibe of the late 1970s and the direct references to the former series, made the line a real sales hit again after the reissue in 2021, and the bestselling watches won the hearts of thousands of Swiss watch fans anew.

However, it does not stop there. The groundbreaking classic from the Tissot brand is back again. This time in an even more dynamic form. Check out five iconic models belonging to the latest Tissot PRX 35MM watch campaign: T137.210.11.351.00, T137., T137., T137. i T137.!


Tissot PRX 35MM – Swiss precision, robustness and durability in a new look

The Tissot PRX 35MM watch collection will take you back to the crazy 1970s, which had their own rules. The authenticity of the collection and the distinctive design is a demonstration referring to the pop culture of the time, the dynamic development, as well as the youthful rush towards freedom and the desire to discover the world combined with a daring, unruly and rebellious character.


The new PRX 35MM edition from Swiss manufacturer Tissot stands out for its modern, yet unique and timeless design and the lightness and slimness of its construction. The brand has skilfully referenced its heritage in its watchmaking variation, reproducing and emphasising the main qualities of the historic PRX watch from the 1970s - precision, robustness and durability (PRX - "PR" from the French Précise et Robuste, "X" as the Roman numeral ten refers to the 10 ATM water resistance). Tissot has thus taken its latest collection to a new level of class and premium quality.


Tissot PRX 35MM collection – a reissue of an iconic vintage watch from the 1970s.

The Tissot PRX 35MM is a collection with visible references to contemporary fashion and elegant sports watches from 40 years ago. It is sure to appeal to fans and lovers of retro watches. The latest PRX edition presented here offers extremely slim and sleek watches with a design typical of that period.


Zegarek Tissot PRX 35MM T1372103302100


As with the earlier 1978 and 2021 editions, the new Tissot PRX 35MM line retains the important and recognisable features of iconic sports watches from the 1970s, including: rounded, slim and polished bezels, vertically brushed case sides and tapering metal bracelets. All series are also linked by the manufacturer's use of a Swiss quartz movement. In the case of the PRX models with the 35-millimetre case, this is the ETA F05.115 calibre with EOL function (this indicator tells you that the battery has reached its end of life and will soon need to be replaced) and a date display.


Zegarek Tissot PRX 35MM T1372101104100


The Tissot PRX 35MM model represents a classic vintage style with a modern twist. What draws attention to the watch is the high level of finish of every element of the case. The distinctive design of the tonneau-shaped case is integrated with the bracelet, creating a slim and unified whole. The special design, based on the smooth transition of the straight edges of the expanding case into the wide, transverse, tapering links of the bracelet, ensures flexibility of form, comfort of wear and good fit and adhesion to the wrist. Both pieces are made of 316L stainless steel, and their beauty and craftsmanship are highlighted by details with a satin, matt or polished finish.


Zegarek Tissot PRX 35MM T1372101135100


As part of the Tissot PRX 35MM campaign, five colour versions of dials are available: a light blue dial in Tissot T137.210.11.351.00, a green dial in Tissot T137., a blue dial in Tissot T137., a silver dial in Tissot T137. and a yellow gold dial in Tissot T137. The colour depth of each dial is brought out by the sophisticated sunray brushing. On top of this, the dials have applied hour indices and simple stick hands coated with Super-LumiNova® – the use of this pigment makes it easier to read the time in the dark.


Kolekcja zegarków Tissot PRX 35MM


Launch of the latest edition of Tissot PRX 35MM watches

The iconic Tissot PRX 35MM watch collection is an exquisite reproduction reminiscent of the original 1978 PRX sports models. The essence of retro style and modern design make the models sought-after bestsellers valued for their high quality workmanship and timeless retro character that will take the wearer back to that era. Don't wait and get the hot new Tissot PRX 35MM watch – the model is now available on our website!

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is a business woman and owner of a commercial enterprise. She thrives on new adventures and isn't afraid to take risks. Her style can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant.