Premium Schaumburg watches – art and avant-garde from the German manufacture


Premium Schaumburg watches – art and avant-garde from the German manufacture

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.

28 Jul 2022

Luxury, uniqueness and an unconventional approach to watchmaking have fascinated and inspired watch collectors from all over the world for years. In this narrow and very demanding niche, the German brand Schaumburg has found its way very well, achieving spectacular international success. Enter the magical land of Schaumburg and premium watches just like Alice in Wonderland.


Schaumburg – exclusive German premium watches from the Weser river

24 years ago, in 1998 to be exact, Frank Dibakowski founded his own watch brand. It was different from all others as it impressed with its craftsmanship, sophistication and mesmerising designs created by the owner himself. It was then, in the regions of the river Weser in the town of Rinteln, that the history of exclusive Schaumburg watches began. This history continues today and is still gaining popularity. The manufacturer has achieved such great success thanks to the use of high-quality materials, attention to the smallest detail and the use of non-standard solutions, e.g. modifying Swiss movements and complications.


Zegarki Schaumburg niemiecka manufaktura premium


Schaumburg – prestigious manufacturer and luxury handicrafts

The reputation of the Schaumburg Watch manufacture is not based on mass production going for quantity and working as fast as possible, but on an individual approach to the best possible luxury quality and a focus on watchmaking expertise and skills. All work is focused on developing and implementing new and fresh ideas.


What distinguishes the production of premium Schaumburg watches?

  • Advanced CNC manufacturing – Own CNC production of movement parts, plates and movement bridges,
  • CNC surface processing – making engravings, personalisations and surface cut of,
  • Made by Hand - finishing of watch movement parts by hand, e.g. engravings, skeletonisation and assembly,
  • Surface engineering – manufacturing a wide variety of surface structures such as sandblasting, electroplating, patination, metal ageing, staining, etc.,
  • Dial processing – individual machining of raw dials made of brass, damask steel, etc.,
  • Special leather straps – processing special leather bracelets with the laser marking "made with love",
  • Strict quality control at all stages of production – both by optical inspection methods and using advanced computers,
  • Carrying out demanding and specialised tests regarding water resistance and pressure with a result of 600 bar / 6,000 metres.

Zegarki Schaumburg niemiecka manufaktura premium produkcja


Schaumburg – discover master watchmaking collections

Schaumburg watches are small works of art that can shock and catch the attention of many wearers and lovers of luxury goods. Every detail is a reference to the Renaissance heritage, an artisanal masterpiece that cannot be copied. Classic forms are juxtaposed with rich, intricate embellishments, while seemingly heavy elements are a tribute to watchmaking craftsmanship, lightness of form and fleeting dreams of the unreal and extraordinary. Can't believe it? Discover some of the brand's collections. It’s impossible to pass them by indifferently.


Schaumburg Classoco – traditional watchmaking in a modern version

Every premium watch company has that one classic collection that demonstrates traditional and timeless workmanship. The Schaumburg Classoco line is no different - the collection is perfect for a suit and other garments. The collection includes a special range of wristwatches with a clear and interesting design that meets changing trends. They are the perfect accessories to wear on a variety of business and casual occasions. Thanks to the use of subdued colours and the combination of leather and steel, they will make an amazing gift for a couple who celebrates a wedding anniversary or someone who graduated from a university or got promoted.


Zegarki Schaumburg Classoco Cocktail


Take a look at the models from The Malus and Cocktail sub-collections. Seemingly nothing out of the ordinary - traditional cases made of brushed and polished stainless steel. If you look closer, however, you’ll see something special in them. The first line offers watches with straps completely made of apple fibre. They look chic and classy and are much more durable than standard leather straps. The Cocktail collection, on the other hand, refers to the 1950s. That’s why the edges of the cases and lugs are properly finished. However, all the magic lies in the dial, or rather, in the time indication. You can read the time from three discs of different sizes. The largest one represents the hours, the middle one the minutes and the smallest one the seconds. A seemingly classic design with an intriguing twist!


Schaumburg MooN – the universe on your wrist

When talking about the Schaumburg manufacturer, it is difficult not to mention one of its flagship collections - the Schaumburg MooN. The line includes models with a moon phase indicator. That’s why it can be said that you can wear the universe on your wrist and become the owner of a true masterpiece. MooN watches have one thing in common - the photographic motif of the moon and realistic space-related elements. It is the most accurate phase indicator on the market with a full natural satellite cycle of 29,52 days, a moving simulation of the Earth's shadow and the inclusion of a division between the northern and southern hemispheres. With a maximum divergence of only one day in 122,5 years, the watch boasts extraordinary accuracy and precision.


Zegarki Schaumburg MooN Crater


But that's not all, each sub-collection of the Schaumburg MooN line is different. In what way? If you take a closer look at the dials, you will notice that each one refers in texture and appearance to the surface of the moon or a starry sky. The associations are correct, and to enhance this realistic effect, the manufacturers have used special materials for this purpose. The dials of watches from the MooN Meteorite collection have a beautiful Widmanstätten pattern. It was constructed from fragments from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The MooN Galaxy dial, on the other hand, is intricately crafted from a real, precious gold stone, which was invented in the 16th century by monks and alchemists, and whose recipe remains a great mystery to this day. In the MooN Crater sub-collection, in turn, there are clear references to the distinctive appearance of lunar craters. Each of the dials is handmade and undergoes a patination process to achieve the desired effect. Pretty impressive, huh? And these are just some of the innovations the designers have incorporated into this luxury line!


Schaumburg Uniatorium - a watch world of fairy tales, fables and legends

Refinement, uniqueness and beauty accompany another fascinating and avant-garde luxury watch line - the Schaumburg Uniquatorium. It combines the ideals of classic beauty and refined elegance with artistic craftsmanship. Each watch from this astonishing collection is an intricate handiwork of a limited number of pieces. Their meticulous craftsmanship required many hours of meticulous work on the part of the watchmakers. A variety of techniques have been used in their production, from engraving in steel and heat colouring to completely hand skeletonising and rhodium plating of manual-winding mechanical movements.


Zegarki Schaumburg Unikatorium Tree of Luck


Thus, we can admire such sub-series of exclusive Schaumburg Uniquatorium watches as:

  • Wonderland – is a magical world of Wonderland and beautiful floral motifs depicted through a decorative skeleton dial with the visible movement;
  • Ice Crystal – the phenomenal and uniquely decorated skeleton dial takes users into the world of Frozen - the silver and blue parts of the mechanism resemble delicate ice crystals and snowflakes;
  • Paläonhorologie – attracts the eye with an amazing skeleton dial and a non-standard finish of the individual parts of the movement - a direct reference to the human skeleton and the shape of human bones.

The Schaumburg Unikatorium watch collection shocks and shows the creative and imaginative side of the brand and its founder, Frank Dibakowski.


Zegarki Schaumburg Unikatorium Aranea


Schaumburg – premium avant-garde timepieces

German manufacturer Schaumburg Watch is a phenomenon in the luxury watchmaking market. Do you love to surprise, shock or maybe you are a lover of classic beauty and luxury? Be sure to explore the range of watches from the Schaumburg brand. On our website you will find both elegant premium models that pay homage to traditional values and those whose design is based on avant-garde art. Don't wait and see what we have prepared for you!

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.