New Traser P99 Q Tactical watches


New Traser P99 Q Tactical watches

Leo Smith

Leo is a water sport enthusiast. He loves swimming, scuba diving and boating. Apart from water sports, he is also interested in technology, especially artificial intelligence.

10 Jan 2023

The new Traser P99 Q Tactical collection offers, among others, a rugged yet lightweight Double Case, a precise movement ready for years of service and trigalight self-powered illumination technology. Traser watches are the perfect choice for the artillery officers and special forces, but they can also be purchased by civilians interested in the military. Discover the quality of military timepieces with the latest Traser series. 

Who are Traser watches for?

Swiss company Traser specialises in the production of tactical watches, chosen by uniformed services as well as outdoor and military fans. Traser watches are supplied and issued to the military forces, which is undoubtedly something worthy of admiration. The devices are sure to handle the toughest conditions. The latest Traser P99 Q Tactical collection includes timepieces with a rugged yet lightweight construction, great functionality and high precision – all this provides the soldier with what is most important in the field. Traser watches are the top choice for people interested in bushcraft and survival


Naval tracker


Double Case – robust double case construction

What can you expect from the new Traser P99 Q Tactical collection? First and foremost, super-tough cases ready for special tasks. The watches are designed to withstand exposure to dust, mud, dirt, low temperatures and any other harsh conditions. The extreme durability is ensured by the Double Case developed by traser®. The construction of the case is made of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (it protects the case and bezel) and features an internal steel container. A carbon fibre-reinforced polymer is a composite well known for its robust mechanical properties e.g.: 

  • High temperature resistance: can maintain its strength at high temperatures (its structure can change at a temperature of 2,000°C)
  • CFRP improves the resistance of the watch against magnetic fields
  • CFRP is ultralight and significantly reduces the weight of the watch
  • High resistance to shocks and impacts
  • CFRP is anti-allergenic
  • No electrical conductivity

In addition, Traser P99 Q Tactical watches are fitted with a hard sapphire crystal, which is a highly scratch-resistant material. The crystal has been additionally covered with anti-reflective coating, which improves the readability of the watch on sunny days as it eliminates reflections. The anti-reflective coating is on the inside which keeps it from being scratched off. It also guarantees durability and makes cleaning stress-free and quick. All these things make Traser watches great tactical watches.


Traser P99 Q Tactical watches


Impressive water resistance for special tasks

The screw-down caseback and crown are responsible for high water resistance. Given that the P99 Q Tactical is water-resistant up to 20 ATM, it can be exposed to prolonged contact with water. The Traser brand takes care of both the usability and functionality. The P99 Q Tactical watch is fitted with a bidirectional rotating bezel with a diving scale. Its ergonomic shape facilitated its use. The trigalight cross insert at 12 o’clock provides the wearer with reliable information in deep waters.


Traser P99 Q Tactical watch


Reliable trigalight® technology – perfect legibility under all conditions

The harsh conditions of military operations and darkness will not limit the usability of the Traser P99 Q Tactical watch as Traser collections feature trigalight® illumination, i.e. tubes filled with H3 tritium gas. This technology is known for great reliability – it does not need to be recharged and glows uninterrupted for approximately 25 years. Trigalight® is placed on strategic areas of the watch, i.e. on the hands and in place of the indices. The light beam is only visible from a distance of 3-4 metres, ensuring the safety of soldiers during military operations. The gasket of the crystal, on the other hand, is coated with a luminescent compound, giving off a soft green light. In order for the watch to function properly, it must, of course, be exposed to sunlight or artificial light beforehand.


Traser watch backlight


Functional Swiss Made movement with long-life battery

There is no room for error or shortcomings in tactical watches. They must bring the highest level of design, precision and comfort and guarantee trouble-free operation regardless of the conditions. This is why the choice of movement is paramount. The Traser P99 Q Tactical collection includes quartz watches powered by the Swiss Ronda 517 movement. They have an impressive battery life of up to 45 months. The Traser P99 Q Tactical comes with a 24-hour indicator, a day-date display available in English and German (set via the crown) and an end-of-life (EOL) indicator. In addition to displaying the time in hours and minutes, the watch also keeps track of the seconds. Traser P99 Q Tactical watches have an accuracy of -10/+20 seconds per month.


Traser P99 Q Tactical men's watch


Choose your Traser P99 Q Tactical – different variations within the collection

The Traser P99 Q Tactical collection includes six different models. They differ in terms of design and colour. You have the option to select from blue, black, or green hues and can choose between NATO fabric or rubber straps. Both options are suitable for outdoor use, will fit comfortably on the wrist, and are designed to meet the needs of anyone looking for a reliable tactical watch.


Traser P99 Q Tactical men's watch Blue


Traser watches – now available at Watchard!

Do you already know how you will use the Traser P99 Q Tactical watch? If so, do shopping on our website – we sell all variants of the latest Traser collection. Each Traser P99 Q Tactical watch comes with a 2-year international warranty and a 10-year warranty on the trigalight® illumination. Check out our offer and find your dream military watch!


Leo Smith

Leo is a water sport enthusiast. He loves swimming, scuba diving and boating. Apart from water sports, he is also interested in technology, especially artificial intelligence.