Avant-garde casual watches - Diesel

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Avant-garde casual watches - Diesel

Leo Smith

Leo is a water sport enthusiast. He loves swimming, scuba diving, and boating. Apart from water sports, he is also interested in technology, especially artificial intelligence.

09 May 2022

It’s been accepted that a watch should be simple, subdued, elegant and suitable for big events. For years, the market was dominated by suit-like, classic, plain timepieces, just right for a business meeting, theatre or a funeral. Diesel didn’t follow this trend and started creating watches in its own breathtaking avant-garde casual style.


Bold design of Diesel men’s watches

Diesel is a renowned Italian brand. At the beginning, the company was focused on selling clothes rather than watches. Renzo Rosso, the founder and main designer of Diesel, made the company popular with many customers all over the world. Over time, the brand also started releasing avant-garde watches of an unusual design.

Diesel watches for men come with very large cases. This is a characteristic feature of all men’s timepieces released by the brand. In addition, Diesel is also known for some controversial advertising campaigns trying to stir up public opinion. The company wants to be on everyone's lips, regardless of what people say. Diesel is a well-known brand targeted at people young in body and spirit. What’s the secret behind the brand’s success?



Colour play - Diesel Mega Chief

Diesel Mega Chief DZ4533 is a very impressive and eye-catching timepiece. Its case has a diameter of 51mm. The watch is designed in a flashy neon orange colour. The watch comes with a silicone strap with the brand's logo and a dial covered by a mineral crystal. This men's watch is perfect for streetwear looks. It’ll highlight your strong personality and let you feel yourself. The watch will go well with sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies and joggers.

Large watches are great - Diesel Chief

If you wonder what’s the difference between Chief and Mega Chief watches, know that the difference is huge. Contrary to appearances, Diesel Chief DZ4309 is slightly larger than the Mega Chief. The Diesel Chief features a black case and a matte bracelet made of top-quality stainless steel, known for being non-corrosive and resistant to most damage. On the black dial there is a date display and a chronograph in the form of three sub-dials. The watch is designed in a casual style. You can wear it with jeans, an informal shirt, a blouse or a light jacket.

Diesel watches

Large, larger, the largest - Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0

If the case with a diameter of 52mm isn’t large enough for you, Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7395 will meet your demands. The case of the watch has a diameter of 55mm. It’s one of the largest wristwatches in the market. The guilloché dial is multicoloured (there are smooth transitions between colours) and has some sub-dials. The watch is on a black bracelet. The design of the watch can be described as bold. It’s more casual than elegant, but if you want you can wear the watch to the office as well. The timepiece will certainly catch the eye of anyone looking.


Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7395

Diesel for women - Diesel Only Time Castilla

And what does the brand have to offer for women? The women’s watches have that special something and that’s why they will meet the demands of the most discerning users. Look at, for example, Diesel Only Time Castilla DZ5567. The watch is in pink, or rather in pastel pink. The dial is enriched with glitter for a trendy look. The accessory makes a stunning impression. The watch is on a three-link bracelet made of stainless steel. This woman's accessory can be worn on a daily basis to work (if there’s no dress code) and meetings with friends. And the good news is you can get it get it for a fair price.

Diesel On Fadelite Smartwatch moves with the times

The Diesel brand is associated with technological innovations. Diesel On Fadelite DZT2019 is a smartwatch of the latest generation. The casual look of the model makes a fresh, youthful impression. The watch comes with a case made of aluminium and textile and a silicone strap that goes perfectly with sporty and casual outfits. The smartwatches are powered by Wear OS by Google, which means that you can access Google Fit, Google Assistant, Google Play, music and many other options that are available on a smartphone with Android software. This Diesel watch will come in handy when you do sports and daily activities. Morevoer, you no longer have to carry the wallet with you thanks to NFC/Google Pay™ contactless payments. Pay the way you like!


Diesel On


Diesel - avant-garde watches within your reach

Diesel watches are synonymous with new trends and original design. So, if you’re currently looking for something unique, modern and impressive, be sure to check them out. Highlight your personality and individuality with a new accessory from Diesel. 


Leo Smith

Leo is a water sport enthusiast. He loves swimming, scuba diving, and boating. Apart from water sports, he is also interested in technology, especially artificial intelligence.