Watch winder - a friend of the automatic watch

Watch enthusiasts who have more than one automatic watch in their collection know how troublesome it can be to set them even after a short break. Models equipped with additional functions, such as a calendar or a moonphase indicator cause even more problems as their setting requires not only extra time but also special accessories.

Automatic watch and watch winder

An automatic watch is a great device, thanks to which we do not have to remember about winding or changing batteries. We should remember, however, that an automatic watch which isn’t worn for some time, cannot wind up by itself. In other words, the movement in an automatic watch needs to be powered by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. So, fairly obviously, if the watch is not worn, then it no longer receives power this way and will run down. This can be troublesome when we have a large collection of such watches, and we wear them only on special occasions. What is more, a watch that is not used for a long time may lose its time measurement precision. Therefore, watch winders will be useful especially for the owners of extensive collections of automatic watches.

watch winder

What is a watch winder and how does it work?

A watch winder is a device used to store automatic watches. Depending on the model of a watch winder, it can store from one to several dozen watches. This special device imitates the motion of the wearer’s wrist by rotating an automatic watch. The most popular watch winders are powered by electricity, but there are also those that work on rechargeable batteries. Professional watch winders allow you to adjust the parameters to the individual specification of the movement and adjust the rotation direction as well as a number of turns per day.

How to choose a good watch winder?

How do watch winders differ from each other? When buying a watch winder, you should pay attention not only to how many watches can be placed in it, but also whether it allows you to adjust the number of turns. This will be important especially if you have various watches equipped with different types of movements. The number of turns required per day varies, depending on the model, between 500 and 850. Before purchase, make sure your watches don’t rub against each other when running the watch winder, especially if you have watches with a large size of a case. It is also worth checking if a watch winder is not too loud.

watch winder

Who should buy a watch winder?

Anyone who irregularly wears their watch or has more than one mechanical watch with automatic winding should consider buying a watch winder. Although the simple models can cost only €22, it is worth buying a slightly more advanced device. The upper price limit of watch winders cannot be specified. Exclusive models are created for several dozen watches and are often equipped with additional shelves, a container for cigars and a bar. What’s more, they are usually made of the highest quality wood and steel.

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