Venezianico Nereide Ceramica – a surprising novelty from the historic city of Venice


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica – a surprising novelty from the historic city of Venice

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.

14 Jul 2022

Venice – a stunning city on water set on 100 islands surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon. A magnificent place criss-crossed by numerous canals, gracefully navigated by gondoliers, inspiring with its ever-living history, world-famous picturesque architectural monuments, laughter, dancing and fun during the famous Venetian Carnivals. It is from this beauty and energy that the inspiration for the Venezianico brand and watches came about. The spirit of Venetian traditions is evident in the new Venezianico Nereide Ceramica watch collection!


Nereide Ceramica – launch of exclusive dive watches from the Venetian manufacturer

A long history, centuries of tradition, superb Italian watchmaking and inspiration drawn from art, culture and technological discoveries have pushed the Venezianico brand to design the fascinating new Nereide Ceramica in two colour versions - white and black. Both models, initially available in just 250 pieces, were inaugurated with the Tungsten edition. Venezianico Nereide Ceramica watches are the essence of the Italian manufacturer's 'know-how' in the use of refined materials, cutting-edge technology and the application of the skills and knowledge of highly skilled watchmakers.


Zegarek męski Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4221501C model


The latest launch of the Venezianico Nereide Ceramica dive watches alludes to two very important themes with its name. The name "Nereide'' refers to one of the technological marvels of the Venetian Navy - the early 20th century Nereide submarine designed by Curio Bernardis, built at the Venetian Arsenal and launched on 12 July 1913. The engraving of this famous submarine can be found on the steel casebacks of all the watches belonging to this very collection. The name "Ceramica '', in turn, is the name of the material - ceramic - used for the bezels of the Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4221501C and 4221502C models.


Venezianico Nereide Ceramika okręt podwodny Nereide


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica – Venetian tradition of artistic craftsmanship

Both watches in the black and white colour versions of Venezianico Nereide Ceramica (an intuitive association with yin and yang immediately springs to mind :) ) present a special design of dive models. The watches are water resistant to 200 metres and can therefore withstand large pressure changes and strong stress. On top of this, they are equipped with the best and reliable Swiss Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve. This makes the novelty from the Venetian brand a truly perfect solution for enthusiasts of all kinds of water sports.

Particularly noteworthy, however, are the unidirectionally rotating bezels with an engraved 60-minute scale for safely calculating the oxygen reserve based on immersion time. The rings are distinguished by their black ceramic inserts. This material plays a prominent role in the Venezianico Nereide Ceramica watches, not just for its beautiful effect in the form of a polished surface that reflects the sun's rays.


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica bezel ceramiczny materiał


The history of ceramics is very long and goes back 16 000 years. White ceramics, as we know it today thanks to the famous Chinese porcelain, was discovered in the 8th century by Chinese craftsmen, and only arrived in Europe a few centuries later with the Silk Road. The Renaissance era saw a real flourishing of the most famous ceramic workshops, including those in Italy. In 1720, the Vezzi workshop began its activities in Venice, enjoying excellent wares of the highest quality porcelain and glass.

The ceramic used in the Nereide Ceramica collection is a tribute to this very history and the desire of the Venezianico manufacturer to preserve the timeless look of the 4221501C and 4221502C watches for a long period of time. This material has several very important properties. Firstly, it is very hard and therefore resistant to scratches and heat. In addition, it does not discolour and the colour does not fade when exposed to sunlight. Secondly, it is admired for its exceptional aesthetic qualities, which retain their properties for years.


Zegarek męski Venezianico Nereide Ceramica 4221502C


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica – Italian art of watchmaking

The Venezianico brand, with the launch of Nereide Ceramica 4221501C and 4221502C watches, presents extraordinary watchmaking art straight from Venice, combining state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with a high level of precision, careful workmanship and reliability. Both models are not just ordinary dive watches – they are also about tradition and perfection of workmanship. Lovers of the classics will like the elegant Canova bracelet made of 316L stainless steel, alluding with its slender lines to classical marble sculptures. Its design is registered and consists of 16 different parts. The elegance and balance of the design is ensured by the double shiny and satin finish of the links, and the integrated butterfly clasp isn’t at odds with shape and form.


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica bransoleta Canova zapięcie motylkowe


The overall design of the Nereide Ceramica watches is complemented by eye-catching dials in two colour versions: black in the Venezianico 4221501C model and white in the Venezianico 4221502C model. The elegance and exclusive character is emphasised by the polished and hand-applied indices, while the red details on the dial and ceramic bezel add a sporty touch to the design. Very good legibility in low-light conditions is ensured by the markers coated with BGW9 Super-LumiNova. The luminescent pigment emits a bright blue-green glow.


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica powłoka BGW9 Super-LumiNova


Venezianico Nereide Ceramica is now on sale!

Venezianico is a young Venetian brand based on Venice's rich heritage, the best quality and skilled watchmaking expertise in its designs. In their bestselling collections, valued by thousands of wearers, the manufacturers display high-end artistry and craftsmanship. Be sure to take a look at our website or visit our boutique in Warsaw. Experience the reliability and durability of Venezianico Nereide Ceramica watches!

Asher Brown

Asher follows the latest trends and fashions. He is fond of luxury clothing and accessories, especially watches. Asher’s interests include tennis and travel.