Polar Pacer Pro – the world’s launch of a new running watch


Polar Pacer Pro – the world’s launch of a new running watch

09 May 2022

Run, fight, win! Now, with the new generation of Polar Pacer Pro sports watches it’s even easier! Go for this season's must-have: a technologically advanced watch with numerous functions designed to meet the needs of beginners and experienced runners. Join the sports revolution! Check out what the new and improved Polar Pacer Pro will surprise you with!


Polar – leader in producing professional sports watches

The Polar brand is one of the undisputed leaders in the production of specialised sports equipment and implementation of technological innovations. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products, including fitness watches for cyclists and triathletes, tried and tested smartwatches, as well as heart rate monitors, e.g. speed and cadence sensors. Each of these devices is appropriately adapted in terms of sport, physiology and electronics to meet the needs of people with different levels of physical fitness and endurance.

Nowość zegarek sportowy Polar Pacer Pro dla biegaczy

Is it possible to achieve even better results with a sports watch? Of course, it is. After all, sport is about constant progression, taking on new challenges, pushing the limits of endurance and overcoming personal weaknesses. This idea guided Polar when developing its next groundbreaking product for runners. As a result, the latest Polar Pacer Pro sports watch collection has become a worldwide hit!


Reach out to new opportunities with Polar Pacer Pro watches


Running is a beloved sport, and it shows no signs of declining. [...] For that, we’re delivering a pair of beautiful running watches, each with a vibrant display, an all-new high-performance hardware platform, our world-renowned wrist-based heart-rate monitoring, and powerful training tools for an incomparable running experience.The Pacer product name goes a long way in our history. Decades ago, it was a ground-breaking heart rate monitor and we built upon its legacy to create a new line of products that concentrate everything we know about running.

Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro
Nowość zegarek sportowy Polar Pacer Pro dla biegaczy

The Polar Pacer Pro isn’t just another running watch. It’s equipped with a variety of unique functions to provide professional guidance and support for active people. With the Polar Pacer watch you can monitor your health, track the quality of your workouts, receive personalised fitness tips and get advice on the need and status of recovery.


Polar Pacer Pro – new professional watch designed by and for runners

The Polar Pacer Pro is an advanced GPS sports watch. Designed for runners, it will help you improve your running performance. The watch boasts an ultra-long battery life that can last up to 7 days on a single charge (up to 35 hours training time with full GPS and HR tracking enabled, and up to 100 hours in power-save mode). The watch tracks your workouts and fitness levels. It features the VO₂max indicator, so you can check the maximum amount of oxygen your body absorbs and uses during exercise, as well as estimate your initial aerobic fitness to improve your endurance. Thanks to the Polar Precision Prime™ sensor, however, the watch accurately measures your heart rate.

Nowość zegarek sportowy Polar Pacer Pro dla biegaczy GPS profile biegowe

With its unique functions, the Polar Pacer Pro will provide you with essential running information. The watch features multiple running profiles for different types of runs, including trail, track, field and indoor running. It also gives you detailed information about your run, such as your pace, distance, turns and more. Hill Splitter™, however, tells you how you performed on the ascent and descent sections of your route. Training Load Pro™, on the other hand, estimates whether you’ve been training too hard or too little. That’s why it will prevent you from getting injuries. And what’s the Running Index? After every run, you’ll get a score to see information about your running performance level. In addition, sleep tracking features, including Nightly Recharge™ and Sleep Plus Stages™ will track the quality and duration of your sleep and, as a result, help your body recover. With the help of Serene™ breathing exercises, however, you can relax your body and calm the mind.


Polar Pacer Pro – design and materials matter in sport

The Polar Pacer Pro sports watch has been created for runners. It’s thin, ultra-light (it weighs only 41g) and has a robust case made of high-quality materials. Thanks to the bright and energy-saving MIP (memory-in-pixel) reflective display, you can see your stats clearly in any condition. The display, whose brightness can be adjusted to weather conditions, is protected by thin Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0. The watch also features a powerful processor characterised by smooth operation, accurate GPS, a barometric altimeter and faster connection to GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS satellite systems. The silicone wristband ensures a superior fit. Plus, thanks to interchangeable straps with quick release spring bars and the included SHIFT™ adapter you can customise the look of your Polar Pacer Pro.

Nowość zegarek sportowy Polar Pacer Pro dla biegaczy wygląd

Even more possibilities with the latest Polar Pacer Pro watch collection

The Polar Pacer Pro isn't just about training and recovery functions. The manufacturer has also made sure that the watch works well in everyday situations. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair your watch to your smartphone and thus get access to many useful features, e.g. running apps like Komoot and weather forecasts. You can also receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and emails, as well as control your playlists remotely.

Nowość zegarek sportowy Polar Pacer Pro dla biegaczy funkcje smart

The world’s launch of the Polar Pacer Pro - Order now!

The collection of professional Polar Pacer Pro sports watches is a real find for runners. Equipped with numerous advanced features, Polar Pacer Pro watches are sure to help you train more effectively. Thanks to running profiles, it will be easier for you to push the limits of your endurance and achieve the impossible. Become a better version of yourself. Don't wait and let yourself be drawn into the world of Polar sports watches. The innovative Polar Pacer Pro has everything that you ever wanted and it's waiting just for you on our website!